Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Grand Tour | Logic Pro X Template Download (DAW Music Production Template) Jon Brooks Composer

Download Logic Pro X template project for 'Grand Tour' here: The 'Grand Tour' starts it's journey in the French city of Paris, crossing the planet to the oriental world of Asia before leading to a grand western orchestral finale. Beginning with a Parisian ballroom style waltz it morphs into a Chinese theme before eventually heading into a dramatic and powerful Hollywood crescendo. Music composed and produced by film composer Jon Brooks. Instrumentation: Accordion Violins Cellos Double Basses Zheng Harp Saxophone French Horns Trombones Flutes Cymbals Timpani Tubular Bells Da Pai Gu Maracas Tam Tam This exotic instrumental music expresses power, accomplishment, travel and adventure. It’s an uplifting whirlwind trip through different cultures, almost like being on a magic carpet ride. Track Duration:  0:40 Key: G minor Tempo:  Various INSTANT DOWNLOAD LPX Template Download Download Size: 116 MB Uncompressed Size: 152 MB Note: You may have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments, settings, full mix bounce, automation, mixed elements and mastering chain are included; but not the sample library audio content (due to sample library copyright terms). Audio Channels:  9 MIDI Channels:  17 Aux/Bus Channels:  1 Stereo Main Output:  1 Plugins/Soundbanks: Logic Pro X (Stock Plugins) EXS24 (Stock Plugin) Channel EQ (Stock Plugin) SilverVerb (Stock Plugin) Compressor (Stock Plugin) Space Designer (Stock Plugin) Limiter (Stock Plugin) Ethno World 2 Vienna Symphonic Library Dan Dean French Horns Project SAM Trombones Advanced Orchestra Strings LINKS: YouTube Channel: Facebook Page: SoundCloud: Official Website: Twitter: Instagram: Download Logic Pro X template project for 'Grand Tour':

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