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LIBRARY MUSIC - Production Music - STOCK MUSIC (TrackSonix Vol. 2)


TrackSonix Library Music Vol. 2

TrackSonix Production Music Library Vol. 2

1. "Attitude" A modern electro-funk dance track packed full of confident high energy and attitude. It brings a strong modern beat and a punchy electronic feel that is perfect for expressing success and pumping up any situation. The instrumental’s funky beginning is combined with an uplifting drop in the middle and rounded out with a vocal hook that is full of celebratory, positive vibes. The determined electronic groove combined with a feel-good and fresh female vocal leaves you on a high. This 30 second music track is ideal for a TV theme tune, a celebrity show, models on a catwalk or commercial.

2. The "Grand Tour" moves from the French city of Paris, crossing the planet to the oriental world of Asia before leading to a grand western orchestral finale. Beginning with a Parisian ballroom style waltz it morphs into a Chinese theme before eventually heading into a dramatic and powerful Hollywood crescendo. Instrumentation includes accordion, strings, zheng harp, brass, woodwind and a range of percussion. This exotic instrumental music expresses power, accomplishment, travel and adventure. It’s an uplifting whirlwind trip through different cultures, almost like being on a magic carpet ride.

3. "Prankster" A wacky, mischievous and catchy prank instrumental track that is paired with a fun beat. This quirky, repetitive and funny music is the perfect soundtrack for prank videos, TV shows, bloopers, film and animation, circus clowns and Punch and Judy. With its speedy tempo, eastern european folky sound and energetic zany comedic vibe, it’s the ideal cue for your favourite Saturday morning cartoon chase, horse riding, Monty Python, Laurel and Hardy, Keystone Cops scene, naughty monkey business, Benny Hill or ‘Just for Laughs’.

4. "Happy To See You" A gentle introduction gathers momentum, whilst creating a thrilling feeling of anticipation that gradually builds into a song that catches fire. It features exhilarating vocals, drums, a strumming acoustic guitar and piano, culminating in a feel good pop track. The strong vocal chorus and musical arrangement lift your spirits to a realm of positivity and romantic contentment that makes you want to get up and dance. Listening to it is like watching a glorious sunrise. This song is positive, friendly, and simply radiant.

5. "A Hero Returns" An epic, cinematic and dramatic orchestral score that builds step by step to a heroic and triumphant finale. It is led by an uplifting and positive melody and layered with percussion and brass which usher in a sense of overcoming some great obstacle, almost like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Whether the crescendo of a battle, a breathtaking birds eye view landscape, a glorious sunrise or the soundtrack to a corporate business reveal, logo or ident, A Hero Returns inspires hope, a feeling of overcoming adversity and is a track that commands attention.

6. "Skipping" conjures up nostalgic memories of childhood. Instrumentation includes a bright piano, celesta, acoustic guitar, percussion and ukulele strumming. It’s hard to not hear the inspiration of an artist like Jack Johnson or picture a cute and innocent family TV advert depicting children at play. Skipping is a happy and playful instrumental track, reminding us of when the clouds clear after the rain and your childlike intuition takes over and you just have to jump and splash in a puddle or two.

7. "Cosmic Dust" is completely out of this world; but with inviting, mysterious electronic tones and a strong beat, you might just want to see what the friendly aliens have to say. Featuring ethereal synthesisers and drums, it is a light and airy fantasy instrumental suitable for TV adverts, cinematic idents, short sci-fi scenes, TV themes, atmospheric logos and other galactic productions.  Imagine a cross between Mike Oldfield, The Clangers, Robert Miles and Vangelis. It has a steady pace and futuristic mood giving you a feeling of adventure and discovery, almost like you are floating in outer space looking at the planets whizz by.

8. "Tomorrow Calling" This epic Disney style instrumental orchestration is packed full of adventure and magic, bringing you along for the uplifting ride of your life. With a feel-good dramatic orchestral vibe and a chorus of airy backing vocals, this powerful track features a strong melodic theme with soaring strings and brass that could be right out of The Lion King. Challenges melt away when listening to this cinematic, inspiring and positive animated film score. Inspired by Hans Zimmer, Alan Menken and James Newton Howard, this exciting and evocative music makes you feel alive. Instrumentation includes bongos, chimes, strings, brass, tubular bells, drums, woodwind, percussion and bass guitar at just the right moments. The harmonic key change towards the finale lifts the powerful emotion to The Pridelands!

9. "Harajuku Girls" A happy, fun and short J-pop stinger that inspires positivity and puts a huge smile across your face. This amusing, light-hearted and cheerful western/asian music track packs a punch with an uplifting build that is layered with classic female Harajuku inspired vocals and an electronic beat. It's hard not to be captured by, and start singing and dancing along with this cute Japanese pop, while being pumped up by the steady bass and rhythm. Its fast pace and tempo exudes a vibrant, youthful and energetic dance pop feel. Inspired by Japanese pop and ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua, the track is reminiscent of eurodance, techno, house and bubble gum dance. Instrumentation features piano, vocals, synthesizers, drum machine and strings. Definitely a foot tapper track!

10. "Beach Boy" This cheesy, playful and quirky little instrumental is what walking through the carnival, fairground or by the seaside might feel like. With a fun accordion and organ sound carrying this short stinger, it’s easy to want to smile and skip along. Though short, it conjures up bright, happy, and lighthearted emotions and would be great for accenting any cartoon character’s adventures at the funfair, carousel, theme park, by the beach or at a circus. The music is reminiscent of ‘I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’, holidays, travel and ice cream! Imagine being by the seaside listening to a mechanical fairground organ or watching a Punch and Judy performance. Bring out the child in you!

11. "Take a Bow" is a fun and lively instrumental track full of playful exuberance. With bright, cheerful horns, organs, timpani, strings, brass, glockenspiel, drums, percussion and trumpets paired with a steady paced beat, it conjures up a sense of happiness and contentment. Raise your glass of champagne and help yourself to a slice of cake. It’s the perfect soundtrack to any celebration with its fast paced, friendly and uplifting vibe that would perfectly accompany any kind of accomplishment. It could be used for a performance, a sport parade, a march, a play, scene changes, transitions or children’s music. Imagine the cast of a show marching across the stage to take their final bow with this climactic outro finale, a heroic march around the circus ring or a military victory parade procession.

12. "Dance with Me" is an instrumental folk fusion reminiscent of Spanish, French, Turkish, Armenian, Greek and Russian music, capturing the essence of Europe with its eccentric mandolin, accordion and pizzicato strings. This upbeat melody is full of cultural energy and the perfect music for any pick-me-up. Dance with Me is a track full of spunk and character, encapsulating much in a short amount of time. Imagine smiling dancers whirling around to the strong rhythm in traditional costumes or a European travel documentary.

13. "Space Jungle" is a relaxed, laid back and chilled, down tempo futuristic instrumental full of harmonious strings, synthesizers and a steady beat. Perfect for any production in the science fiction genre or an animated dance, this short stinger suggests feelings of adventure, discovery, and heading out into the unknown. Its cinematic and approachable melody is accented nicely with its unique textures and instrumentation. You can almost hear a throbbing heartbeat in the rhythmic pulse. It is a light and airy fantasy instrumental suitable for TV adverts, cinematic idents, short sci-fi scenes, TV themes, atmospheric logos and other galactic productions. Imagine a cross between Mike Oldfield, The Clangers, Robert Miles and Vangelis.

14. "Fortitude" is an epic cinematic orchestral piece of music that builds strongly right from the beginning, climbing to a satisfactory crescendo by the end that leaves you on a cliffhanger. This dramatic stinger is ideal to accent any important plot or character defining moment. With elements of mystery, accomplishment and charisma being emoted through the use of horns, percussion, strings and piano. Listen out for Tchaikovsky influences enriched with courage, strength and valour. Ideal for a psychological thriller, adventure, ident, logo and scene changes. The track begins with darkness and suspense transitioning into a resolved, light and positive finale.

15. "Relentless" is the perfect action thriller movie soundtrack or dramatic game show theme, complete with masterful use of strings, vocal harmonization, and an unstoppable upbeat tempo. This bold, throbbing and persistent rhythm is perfect for any film or television show, projecting images of the hero overcoming a great challenge or an army marching to victory. Relentless is strong, powerful, and determined featuring orchestral, percussive and vocal elements.

16. "Egg Fried Rice" is an upbeat pop instrumental with elements and instruments of Eastern culture peppering the uplifting vibe of the track. This oriental music evokes a coming of age image, with a positive vibe throughout and a pleasant use of the zheng harp and Chinese instrumentation. This track perfectly combines traditional with modern, instilling a happy feeling in anyone listening. It is a light and airy instrumental stinger suitable for TV adverts, idents, short scenes, TV themes, atmospheric logos, travel documentaries and various other media productions.

17. "Big Little Kid" pairs a playful harpsichord with an uplifting and electronic honky tonk piano sound to create an energetic piece full of childlike joy, almost like a plucking wind-up music box. Starting slowly, the track picks up speed and momentum which makes it hard to not smile whilst listening to this positive and quirky music, as it plays on the classic cartoon vibes you know and love, while adding a modern pop twist. It’s full of character with its youthful and whimsical mischievous nature. Ideal uses could include a prank video, blooper, gag, circus act or comedy routine.

18. "Reach for the Stars" is an upbeat and uplifting inspirational corporate music instrumental track, projecting success, adventure and positivity. It dares you to say yes to stepping outside your comfort zone and discover something new, building slowly and ending with a supremely positive uplifting crescendo. With piano, electronic synthesizers (giving it a technological sound), orchestra and an upbeat drum rhythm, it is hard to not dance along, fulfil your dreams, accomplish your goals and realise anything is possible in the corporate world. Ideal background music for motivating corporate videos, business media presentations, achievement slideshows and innovative advertising. Its victorious and triumphant mood inspires the very best performance. This dynamic music means business!

19. "Laurel and Hardy" is a jovial, ragtime inspired comedic and novelty honky tonk piano instrumental, full of classic riffs and has an uplifting vibe. This cheeky, silent movie-styled music could be right out of an old cowboy Western film, and projects images of drunkenly hitching up your horse outside the saloon bar, or even clumsy and silly shenanigans. It’s short and to the point, and acts as the perfect quirky stinger for any production wanting to mimic its old-time feel. It could also be used for quirky circus clowns, fairgrounds, fooling around on stage and even has suspense towards the end. Its jolly, cheeky and bouncy mood make this the ideal slapstick backing music for puppets, marionettes, Jacques Tati, Marcel Marceau or a naughty and mischievous cartoon character or animation. Think of a cross between the Wild West, a mime artist, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Tom and Jerry.

20. "Asian Soul" is a dramatic cinematic, epic, dark and mysterious track with western orchestral instrumentation combined with Eastern and Asian elements. It’s the perfect sonic bridge between Eastern and Western cultures fused into a grand soundscape. It is complete with metallic sounds, layers of synthesizers, brass and strings, and incorporates a huge build up to a powerful climax. With a haunting vocal hook and epic percussion that keeps the pace up, your heart will be racing. This thematic symphonic music projects a sense of scorching heat in the desert, exotic travel and packs a punch whilst steadily building to an immense and exciting crescendo. Ideal uses include advertising, trailers, film, tv and any other media requiring dramatic impact. The soaring melody and pumping rhythm give the track real momentum combined with a sense of intrigue and wonder.

21. "Colours" is an instrumental that is full of innocence, cheer, positivity and happiness. Starting off with an inviting acoustic guitar riff, a bright piano melody with a subtle layer of percussion is then added. This vibrant and uplifting jam is all about lifting your mood and spirit, reinforcing happy times and is perfect for all kinds of scenarios, from a day at the beach, playing with your friends to walking the city streets. It’s bright, colorful, lively and positive, projecting energy, activity and youth. Ideal for a short vivacious commercial, ident, ringtone, stinger or logo. Give yourself time to appreciate the world around you. Perfect for expressing joie de vivre moments and enjoying the simple things in life.

22. "Rio Carnival" is a fun and celebratory instrumental track packed full of upbeat, energetic feelings. Starting off with steel drums, this happy piece of music is complete with electric guitar licks, percussion and piano accompaniment, giving it a bright, tribal and festive vibe. Imagine a Brazilian South American carnival celebration or fiesta, with authentic instrumentation and melodies that are sure to have you dancing and partying along. Ideal for travel documentaries, feel-good advertising, street festivals, events and parades.

23. "Christmas Fairy" is a fun and festive quick waltz full of holiday joy and cheer. Featuring jingle bells, sleigh bells, an upbeat piano, and bright percussion makes it the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas scene, complete with an uplifting string section and glockenspiel touches to help you ring in the season. It is a resoundingly happy, light-hearted, merry instrumental tune and a modern addition to the collection of holiday classics. This original catchy, jubilant and jolly Christmas instrumental track is perfect for a holiday commercial, product video, film, TV production or other media requiring that short perfect classic seasonal Xmas touch. The instrumentation features a fusion of acoustic and electronic timbres. Full song version with lyrics is also available. Think of a cross between Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. Happy Christmas!

24. "A Positive Mind" is an uplifting, uptempo instrumental that starts off with a relaxed and slow mood, with piano chords that build into a pumping and energetic pop dance track, complete with an electronic drop. Perfect for corporate videos, TV quizzes and gameshows, advertising and sonic branding that require high energy, hard sell and motivational music. The instrumentation features a fusion of acoustic and driving electronic timbres. With a steady pulsing beat and a guitar strumming transition, this inspirational dynamic music promotes entertainment, success and achievement helping one to reach their full potential.

25. "Pixie Party" is a short, quirky, upbeat and lighthearted instrumental track perfect for any whimsical cartoon or comedic situation for children and adults alike. With a Scott Joplin ragtime feel, the xylophone piano melody and pizzicato strings create a full of fun, bouncy and happy composition. Instrumentation also features a marimba, cymbal and harp. The music’s bright, cheeky and airy mood is sure to be uplifting and could act as just the right addition to any positive situation as it is full of joy and cheerfulness. Imagine kids skipping around or amusing animals scuttling about. It’s quirky, cute and playful with a frisky spring and bounce. Ideal for a children’s theme tune, animation, cartoon or advertising.

26. "East West" is a track that starts with a dark and mysterious tonality and builds to reveal strength and power. Through the pairing of Asian gamelan, brass and percussion, this dramatic cinematic track may be short, but it packs quite a punch. The steady beat at the beginning is reminiscent of passing time, leading to a Hans Zimmer inspired orchestral motif similar to the movie “Backdraft”. Ideal for stingers, transitions, montages and idents. Imagine beginning your travels in a monastery, temple or mosque and being transported to the other side of the world.  It’s an adventurous journey from traditional East Asia to the epic Hollywood sound.

27. "Reunited" is the perfect stirring instrumental track to accent any emotionally poignant moment, with a solo piano taking the lead. A soft string section then enters adding a sense of reflection and growth to the orchestral score, that builds to a substantial climax. A subtle vocal harmony towards the end brings about a crescendo that enhances those moving and tear-jerking moments of newfound happiness, love and understanding. Perfect for storytelling, background music and expressing emotive scenes, this soul-stirring and heart-rending score projects a haunting yet delicate melody. It could be used for sad, thoughtful and solemn occasions such as funerals or even happy, loving and romantic scenarios.

28. "Behind Bars" is a dark, fast-paced and edgy television cinematic track that is carried with a chaotic combination of piano, strings, and percussion full of suspense and energetic movement. This tense powerful music is the perfect accompaniment for an impactful logo, gritty moment of a thriller, action movie or ident with a strong build right from the start. It evokes images of strength, determination, power and authority. Ideal for edge of your seat detective series, crime drama, investigative psychological TV shows (or cinema) and other highly charged and intense scenarios. Imagine a high-octane and dynamic theme tune for a police or cop series.

29. "Ice Palace" is a magical, enchanted and mystical instrumental track perfect for any unique turning point or ident, specifically related to charming animated fantasy fairytales or scenes of paradise. It could possibly depict a mesmerising sparkling running stream, animals, fairies, birds, butterflies, pixies, leaves falling or warm, vivid and colorful visuals. It is an enchanting, relaxing and soothing score that combines piano, subtle percussion, and harp in a harmonious fashion while adding reverberation to add to the intrigue and mystery of it all. While being short and sweet, Ice Palace is all about reading between the lines and saying so much in so little time. The magical Disney style introduction conveys a sense of gently floating down before transitioning into a musical resolution. Ideal for beauty and hair products, champagne, logos, fairytales and other captivating visuals.

30. "Resolution" turns from musical chaos and overwhelming intensity into a resolved and harmonic solution. It starts with a slow build of stress-inducing layered electronic sounds and staccato string stabs, eventually ending with a bright cinematic major chorus climax. This electronic and orchestral instrumental score is a prime example of high stakes; it would be well suited and reminiscent of motion idents and logos such as Universal, 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks and Paramount. Influenced by Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Michael Kamen, James Horner, Brian Tyler and Patrick Doyle.

31. "The Premiere" is true to its name, being a magnificent, heroic, strong, and powerful cinematic musical ident that ushers in new beginnings and sets a majestic scene. Perfect for the start of a stage show, movie or any celebrity red carpet scenario, this full orchestral piece of music means business. With its dramatic fanfare elements, it punctuates any situation and is full of prestige and royalty, a track to accent the proudest of moments, coronations and pageants. A perfectly complete introduction for all visual media, performances and presentations. It could be used for award ceremonies, the Oscars, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, galas or a graduation ceremony. Also ideal for celebrating achievement in business, fashion, technology and education. Imagine Stars Wars meets 20th Century Fox logo or a grand, triumphant, ceremonial and epic royal entrance.

32. "Endless Possibilities" is a track that is all about inspiration. With a slow build to a rewarding climax, this music is perfect for those coming of age stories. What starts out with a single note turns into something grand, into hopeful and endless possibilities. This uplifting, motivational and positive instrumental music brings a new day with fresh corporate challenges on the horizon. It builds to a climax expressing future success and opportunities. Instruments include piano, guitars, synthesiser, drums, bass, percussion and strings. It is an upbeat and inspirational corporate music instrumental track, projecting success, adventure and positivity where there are no limitations. Believe in yourself and accomplish anything you put your mind to. Ideal for commercials, film, corporate videos, business presentations and sporting events. This dynamic music means business! Its victorious and triumphant mood inspires the very best performance.

33. "Chinatown" is a track that captures the hustle and bustle of a modern Chinatown, tucked away in the depths of a booming metropolis or city. With a pairing of a beatbox type percussion line and traditional Eastern sounding melodies, this is the perfect upbeat soundtrack for any Asian inspired theme. The melody is featured on the erhu. This atmospheric and melodic Chinese music with western influences is perfect for Chinese New Year or a dragon dance. Gong Xi Fa Cai. With a positive vibe throughout, this oriental music evokes a cultural coming of age image. Suitable for a lion dance, idents, logos and other productions requiring a short ethnic music tag.

34. "Jewish Jig" is the perfect light-hearted, whimsical and quirky track for any Jewish themed scene or celebration, complete with a traditional solo violin and strings right out of the old country. With a piano and subtle synthesizer carrying the cheeky piece through, you could see this eastern European instrumental music coming straight from an old Yiddish party. It features both Romanian folk and mischievous gypsy influences. With an electronic riff at the end, this happy, fun and lively tune has a modern twist that makes you want to get up and dance your socks off!

35. "Meteor Shower" is a supercharged upbeat, high energy, chaotic piece of music that pairs synthesizers with vigorous slamming percussion and a strong beat, instilling energetic urgency. This threatening electronica instrumental music could be right out of a science fiction movie or TV show, with sounds that imitate lasers, a time machine and a futuristic electronic sound, perfect for any space battle or climactic war moment leading to an epic choral resolution. Its powerful, intense and menacing urgent nature exude an impactful and aggressive punch.

36. "Na Na Naa" is a fun and spunky track that is lead by female vocal harmonies and accented with complimentary electronic tones, making for a happy, bright and cheerful tune. This catchy and modern music has record scratches, beeps, and unique audio elements that give it the ability to be a versatile piece of music. It’s a sing-a-long and memorable tune with a prominent percussive beat and has the ability to be looped if required. It could also be used for a children’s theme tune and ideal for TV commercials and radio advertising.

37. "Sensual Sensations" is an instrumental track that is shrouded in exotica, sensuality and sophisticated charm. Its beautiful acoustic guitar, strings, and relaxed mood project images of love, sex, and of course sensuality. The orchestration of soaring strings combined with a lush melody conjure up a scene from 007 James Bond, full of heat, sophistication and seduction. The elegant, relaxing and soothing tonality project images of tropical exotic holidays, romance and travel. Complete with a melody that could have been pulled from a private island somewhere in the sun, this track is full of passion. Also inspired by suave Bounty chocolate commercials with a Latin influence. Set the scene with this relaxed, classy and romantic music and imagine palm trees swaying in the Caribbean or Bahamas as you sip your secret agent Martini… shaken, not stirred!

38. "Corporate Music Bed" is the perfect chilled and hypnotic track to accompany any business related video or presentation. It features an electronic vibe, a steady gentle rhythmic beat, and is a loop so you can have it play for your desired duration in an unobtrusive fashion. It is dependable, trustworthy and will work well with any business corporate video. Loopable background music using modern drum beats and synthesisers. It is uplifting, ambient, positive and subtle and ideal for media presentations and motion graphics. Perfect for relaxed slideshows, a montage, events and DVD menus too! Inspired by Cafe Del Mar, Vangelis and Craig Armstrong.

39. "Give it Some" is an action packed and fast-paced instrumental filled with energy and gives off a sense of momentum and accomplishment. While it is a quick stinger, this piece of music is layered with sophisticated synthesizers, an upbeat percussion line, and is well suited to any moment of motion graphics for film, television, the web or even a logo or ident. This modern, edgy and energetic instrumental with an aggressive and strong beat could be used with a corporate video or business venture. Contemporary music with a powerful, dynamic and driving rhythm.

40. "Identity" is a powerful classical orchestral track which would be suitable for a majestic procession entering a grand hall, with fanfare qualities that project feelings of strength, power and royalty. It could reference, for example, epic medieval times, a Disney moment, King Arthur or a Robin Hood scenario. It’s heroic, strong and magnificent and is perfect for any stage show, award ceremony or dramatic red carpet event. Uses could also include film idents similar to 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, Universal and Paramount.

41. "Endeavour" is an inspirational piece of music projecting strong emotions of adventure, wanderlust and positivity. This uplifting library music instrumental track is all about opening up and discovering new ventures and realms. Featuring woodwind, powerful trumpets, acoustic guitar, gamelan, seruling flute, a strong upbeat tempo and a sense of building to something grand, this track is ideal for any coming of age story. It has Malaysian and Indonesian influences giving it an Asian feel fused with a Western vibe. Ideal uses include travel documentaries, business corporate videos, slideshows, presentations, montages, commercials and advertising.

42. "New Day" is the perfect music to accent any transitional moment. It is a fresh, light and airy track that is short, sweet and uplifting. The acoustic guitar, steady drums and synthesizers carry this optimistic track from beginning to end, leaving you with a big smile across your face. Positivity and joy are expressed by this warm and welcoming piece of music. Ideal uses include opening a morning breakfast TV show, daytime television, commercials, a scene change, sting, transition, a logo or ident.

43. "Old Times" is a rich, romantic and nostalgic sounding violin duet that emotes times of reflection and maybe even a little sadness. What starts off as a lone solo violin transitions into a duet playing in dreamy harmony.  While emotional, this short, sentimental and haunting classical instrumental inspired by Schumann, Chopin and Mahler makes the perfect addition to those emotive poignant moments in any media production whether it’s a TV ad, film, Youtube video or classical event.

44. "Ricochet" is a lush, downtempo, electronic instrumental track that has a steady beat and all kinds of interesting, energetic and engaging tones carrying it from beginning to end. It gradually builds to a resolved climax and features synthesizers, percussion, melodic chimes and soaring strings. Everything works in harmony to make this uplifting music reach the soul. It is perfect for advertising body, hair and shower products, scenes depicting underwater corals or swimming fish, ocean documentaries, nature or even the undiscovered universe. This music represents a trip into space or down to the aquatic underwater realm. A magical, floating and fascinating world awaits as the instruments combine to create a bubbling echo effect, that gives the impression of being underwater, whilst accompanied by a soaring, ethereal and melodic string theme.

45. "Up and About" features a happy ukulele melody and hand claps with subtle layers of percussion, glockenspiel, harp and piano. Capping off the track is a human whistling theme that enhances the positive, bouncy and fun vibe of the music. It is the perfect summer instrumental track for any lighthearted, childlike and optimistic transition, full of bright sounding instrumentation and cheerful harmonies. Perfect background music for any type of presentation, radio, tutorial or advertisement that needs to evoke lightheartedness and pure happiness. It’ll be hard for you to not foot tap and whistle along to this catchy, cheeky and delightful summertime music.

46. "Destiny" is an extremely intense, action packed and epic fast-paced orchestral track full of powerful strings, horns and percussion. This symphonic, sweeping and grand cinematic piece of music is also accented with a supportive choral element towards the end, projecting powerful emotions and images of sheer determination, willpower and the ability to overcome huge and monumental obstacles. Perfect for any grand scale trailer, film or video game, this short yet impactful dramatic theme is the ideal accompaniment to a victorious moment of overcoming adversity. Hollywood influences include Two Steps from Hell, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. It can’t get any more epic than this!

47. "Hunky Funky" is true to its name, with a hip melody and strong rhythmic groove crafted with a wah-wah guitar lick and accented with a carefree downtempo beat. This instrumental pop could be used for a cop show or a biker riding through town and is the ideal soundtrack to express images of being suave, fashionable and cool. Instrumentation includes a steel guitar, electric guitar, strings and drums. The music is both intriguing and trendy, the perfect pair for a funk jam. It’s stylish, warm, contemporary and generic enough to use for a multitude of media productions.

48. "Lemonade" is a fun, weird and wacky music track. This quirky uplifting stinger is a goofy combination of sounds that work in harmony to create something you can only describe as unusual. Complete with reverberated plonking sounds, a bouncy attitude and a quickening pace, this track would be the perfect addition to any silly walk, stupid scene, animation, Laurel and Hardy scenario or cartoon. Starting slowly, the track picks up momentum and speed only enhancing the silly, foolish and peculiar feel, as it plays on the classic cartoon vibe we know and love.

49. "Pachelbel's Dream" is inspired by the classic Pachelbel Canon in D Major with rich, lush soaring strings and subtle percussion that softly usher in new beginnings. This light and airy orchestral piece of music is perfect for any turning point or growing moment in a film. Accented with piano, harp and horns at the end, this delightful track is sure to set the scene. Also ideal for advertising, twinkling stars, countryside nature and family moments.

TrackSonix Production Music Library (Volume 2). Production Music for Film, Television, Advertising, YouTube, Radio, Video Games, Media and Corporate Videos. Styles include: Epic Orchestra, Film Music, Ballads, 80s Music, Corporate Music, Quirky Children's Music, Jingles, Pop, Relaxing Music, Hollywood Soundtrack, Jazz, Music for Advertising, Production Music and Emotional Instrumental Music.

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