Friday 31 August 2018

1 Hour of Calming and Relaxation Music for Sleep, Meditation, Stress, Anxiety, Study and Panic Attacks.

1 Hour Relaxing Music for Meditation, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks and Study. 'Seventh Heaven' by Jon Brooks.

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Tags: Relaxation music for sleep, calming music for stress, healing music for energy disorders, peaceful instrumental music for anxiety, soothing music for babies, soft music for sleep.


Fix You - Coldplay (Cover) by Clive Farrington and Jon Brooks - Live Studio Session YouTube Video.

Fix You - Coldplay
(Cover) by Clive Farrington and Jon Brooks. Live Studio Session.

British Rock Band Coldplay from the album X&Y (2005).

Songwriters: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion.
Producer: Ken Nelson.

It's not yellow, it blows away with Buddha! - American Tribute Part 4 Part 1

American Tribute Part 4 Part 1
Park In-su

(Featuring music by Jon Brooks)

The author (Soo Seon), history rebellion, the Koch spectrum etc. Author
"It's not yellow, it blows away with Buddha!"

- The American tribute series continues -
It will soon be published as a book.

* Editor's Note
Our society regards the present age as Chosun era - Noron era era.
It is the last century that the shipbuilding system and the Xiamen system collapsed and they entered the era of economic block.
The sources of capital for economic blockade around the world are all the remains of Joseon.
It is a modern propaganda to wash Chosun artifacts.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the Japanese invasion of Imjinwae is currently in progress.
The troublesome current international situation is an extension of the history of Joseon.
Please understand the answer to the question of why the North Korean story continues to appear in the history band.

It is also the name of the system or organizational system that follows it.
Joseon is not the only history of our nation.
There have been various efforts to find history as territory
We say that it is not a single nation or a limited territory history.
The world is Korea.
The world was one.
You can see the truth if you give up your prejudices about people, territory, country, language, and religion.

* The words of academic academic chairman

What is the theological text "Literary Samhang History"?

The world history we have learned so far by Westerners
It is a history distorted by their taste.
Making the Americas the new continent
I will rewrite Eurasian history
Eliminate the subject of history
Local Local history of each country
It is merely a variation.

Europe (West) after the 17th century so-called anti-ship era
Pretend to have led the world
The Chosŏn Goryeo Silla (Samhan), which was a great subject of history
It was confined to the Korean peninsula.
On this fake world history,
They were occupied.

Therefore, the Korean Samjung Historical Society
Discover fake world history and keep all history on earth
It is a huge historical movement that aims to return to the history of "Samjang History of Korea".

It requires a lot of effort, money and scholarship !!
Our society is trying to accomplish the mission given in heaven with all the power.

아메리카대조선 4부 Part1
박인수 대조선(되죠션), 역사에 반역, 고흐 스펙트럼 등 저자 "황인종 별거아냐, 부처와 함께 날려버려!" -아메리카 대조선 시리즈는 계속됩니다- 곧 책으로 출간됩니다. *편집자의 말 우리 학회는 현 시대를 조선시대-노론 전성시대로 봅니다. 조선시스템, 샤먼시스템이 붕괴되고 경제블록의 시대로 접어든 것이 지난 세기. 전세계의 경제블록화를 위한 자본의 출처가 모두 조선의 유물입니다. 조선유물을 세탁하는 것이 현대의 프로파간다입니다. 따라서 임진왜란은 현재 진행형이라 해도 과언이 아닙니다. 골치아픈 현재 국제정세들이 모두 조선 역사의 연장선입니다. 역사밴드에 왜 자꾸 북한이야기가 나오느냐는 질문의 해답을 깨닫기 바랍니다. 조선은 지구운영시스템의 이름이기도 하며 이것을 따르는 체제 혹은 조직체계의 이름이기도 합니다. 조선은 우리 민족의 역사만이 아닙니다. 역사를 영토로 찾으려는 다양한 노력들이 있었지만 단일 민족, 제한된 영토의 역사가 아님을 우리는 밝히고 있습니다. 전세계가 조선입니다. 전세계는 하나였습니다. 민족, 영토, 국가, 언어, 종교에 대한 선입견을 버리면 진실이 보입니다. *학회 학술위원장의 말 신학문 "대조선삼한 역사학" 이란 무엇인가? 이제까지 우리가 배운 세계사는 서세들에 의하여 그들의 입맛대로 왜곡된 역사이다. 아메리카대륙을 신대륙으로 만들고 유라시아 역사를 제멋대로 다시쓰고 역사의 주체를 제거하고 로칼(Local)향토사를 각 나라의 역사인양 변형부각시킨 것에 불과하다. 유럽(서세)이 17세기 소위 대항해시대 이후 전세계를 주도한 것처럼 위작시키고 역사의 거대한 주체였던 조선 고려 신라(삼한)를 조선(한)반도로 국한시켜 놓았다. 이런 가짜 세계사 위에 텅빈 역사주체세력 자리를 그들이 차지한 것이다. 이에 우리 대조선삼한역사학회는 서세들이 만든 가짜 세계사를 간파하고 지구상 모든 역사를 제자리로 돌려 놓으려는 거대한 역사운동으로 "대조선삼한 역사학"을 펼친다. 방대한 노력과 자금과 석학들을 필요로 합니다!! 우리학회는 모든 힘을 총동원하여 하늘에서 부여한 임무를 완수하려 합니다.

Sunday 19 August 2018

Super Sheep Wants to Fly! (Swinging sheep gets stuck in tyre swing)

This poor sheep is stuck in a tyre rope swing whilst the camera (man/woman) and flock of sheep watch in awe. Ok, so i added some funny music! :-) 

Swinging sheep gets stuck in tyre swing.
Sheep trapped in tyre swing.
Sheep stuck in a rope swing.

Music by Jon Brooks.

Tags: Sheep, Lamb, Brambles, Fence, Field, Farmer, music, swing, ropeswing

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Army of Doom (Logic Pro X Template Download) Jon Brooks - Cinematic, Epic and Dramatic Orchestral Music

Logic Pro X Project Template Download for Jon Brooks' film score 'Army of Doom'. Cinematic, epic and dramatic orchestral film music. This music has been used in a few feature films. Influenced by Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer and Mark Petrie. Music composed, orchestrated and produced in Logic Pro X.

Includes all the MIDI regions and programming, instrumentation,
tempo changes, equalisation, automation etc.

Track Duration:  7:48
Download Size: 455.3 MB
Uncompressed size: 659.4 MB

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Some sampler instruments and audio files are included but not the sample libraries.

- Audio Channels:  31
- MIDI Channels:  57
- Aux Channel:  1
- Stereo Main Out:  1

Soundbanks/Plugins:- Logic Pro X Channel EQ
- Logic Pro X Compressor
- Logic Pro X Sample Delay
- Logic Pro X Limiter
- Logic Pro X Space Designer
- Logic Pro X Multipressor
- EXS24
- Play
- Vienna Instruments (Orchestral)
- VSL Strings
- VSL Horns
- Symphony of Voices
- London Orchestral Percussion
- East West Trumpets
- Project Sam Trombones
- Distorted Reality 2
- Project Sam True Strike
- G-Town

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Official Website:

Thursday 2 August 2018

Logic Pro X Project Template Download - The Confrontation (Jon Brooks Music)

Logic Pro X Project Template Download for Jon Brooks' music score "The Confrontation". Heroic and dramatic orchestral film music. The hero appears to confront his enemy! Whooraaah! Tension rises in anticipation of the powerful and grand climax. Influenced by Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard and Danny Elfman. Music composed, orchestrated and produced in Logic Pro X.

Download Size: 29.3 MB.
Uncompressed size: 35.1 MB

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Some sampler instruments and audio files are included but not the sample libraries.
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- Audio Channels: 15
- MIDI Channels: 38

- Soundbanks/Plugins:
- Vienna Instruments (Orchestral)
- EXS24 (True Strike, VSL Strings, Distorted Reality 2, Sam Trombones)
- Standard Logic Pro Effects (EQ, Reverb, Compressor, Delay, Pitch Shift)

Music subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only.
© Jon Brooks.

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Logic Pro X Template Download - 'DARK HIGHLANDS' (Complete Film Score) Jon Brooks Film Composer

Download the Logic Pro X Project Template for the complete 'Dark Highlands' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Film Composer: Jon Brooks
The downloadable project session includes all the MIDI regions, programming, instrumentation, tempo changes, equalisation, automation etc. for the full film score.
Total Duration: 1 Hour 18 Minutes
Cinematic, dark and suspenseful orchestral instrumental music session project. Ominous and sinister thriller/horror film music full of tension and foreboding evil. In contrast, it also features some beautiful thematic music. Music composed, orchestrated and programmed in Logic Pro X.
Please note: It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments/plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different. However, impulse responses, Logic Pro X effects/plugins and audio files etc. are included.

  • Audio Channels: 12
  • MIDI Channels: 122
  • Buses: 4
  • Main Stereo Output: 1


  • 1. Dark Highlands Opening Titles - 2:19
  • 2. There’s No Other Way - 6:34
  • 3. Brain Damage - 1:04
  • 4. Nowhere to Run - 1:44
  • 5. The Chauffeur - 2:33
  • 6. Highlands Arrival - 1:38
  • 7. Preparation - 2:15
  • 8. The First Night - 1:18
  • 9. Sunrise - 1:10
  • 10. The Artist Paints - 3:37
  • 11. What’s Going On? - 2:25
  • 12. Paranoid - 1:20
  • 13. What’s Out There? - 2:03
  • 14. Hunted - 1:26
  • 15. Lurking In The Trees - 1:07
  • 16. Don’t Close Your Eyes - 3:01
  • 17. Never Far Away - 8:44
  • 18. Make A Run For It - 3:07
  • 19. Bloodthirsty Savage - 4:20
  • 20. Psychopath’s Playground - 1:12
  • 21. Locked Out - 2:13
  • 22. The Escape - 1:18
  • 23. Formulating The Plan - 2:52
  • 24. Human Flesh - 2:10
  • 25. Hiding Place - 2:17
  • 26. Whatever It Takes To Survive - 2:06
  • 27. Something Else Out There - 2:09
  • 28. Captive - 1:55
  • 29. Survival - 2:25
  • 30. Rescue and Recovery - 3:25
  • 31. Dark Highlands Closing Titles - 1:52

  • Omnisphere - Feeling of Emptiness
  • Omnisphere - Deserted Playground
  • Omnisphere - Disturbance in the Core
  • Omnisphere - Intense Balaphonia
  • Omnisphere - Bowed Acoustic Guitar Evil
  • Omnisphere - Meaningful Waters
  • Omnisphere - Cry of the Banshee
  • Omnisphere - Communing with Whales
  • Omnisphere - Ghosts in the Secret City
  • Omnisphere - Bitter Resentments
  • Omnisphere - Buzzord
  • Omnisphere - Violently Hit Metal Pipe
  • Omnisphere - Arrival of the Dead
  • Omnisphere - Window Pane Drone
  • Omnisphere - Swell of Darkness
  • Omnisphere - Basic Dark Pad Velo
  • Omnisphere - Dark and Moody String Orchestra
  • Omnisphere - JX-10 Dark Pad
  • EXS24 - Tam Tam
  • EXS24 - Project Sam Bass Piano
  • EXS24 - VSL Staccato Violins
  • EXS24 - VSL Staccato Violas
  • EXS24 - VSL Staccato Cellos
  • EXS24 - VSL Violin Trills
  • EXS24 - VSL Cello Trills
  • EXS24 - VSL Double Bass Trills
  • EXS24 - Distorted Reality 2 Sonic Boom
  • EXS24 - Drums of War
  • EXS24 - World Instruments
  • EXS24 - Ethno World 2 Oud FX
  • Kontakt - Symphobia String Ensemble
  • Kontakt - Symphobia String Ensemble (Muted)
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Strings with Brass Ensemble (Long)
  • Kontakt - Symphobia 2 Dark Orchestral Textures
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Stingers Drones and Risers
  • Kontakt - Symphobia 2 String Ensemble Effects
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Hits and Rips
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Long Textures and Effects
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Symphonian Stacks
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Brass Ensemble (Long Notes)
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Brass Ensemble (Short Notes)
  • Kontakt - Symphobia Full Orchestrator
  • Kontakt - True Strike Bowed Crotales
  • Kontakt - True Strike Tubular Bells
  • Kontakt - True Strike Gong
  • Kontakt - True Strike Timpani
  • Kontakt - The Giant
  • Kontakt - True Strike 2 Prepared Piano FX
  • Kontakt - Harp
  • Kontakt - Action Strings
  • Kontakt - Evolve Mutations
  • Kontakt - VSL Percussion
  • Kontakt - True Strike Orchestral Kit
  • Vienna Instruments - Violins
  • Vienna Instruments - Violas
  • Vienna Instruments - Cellos
  • Vienna Instruments - Double Bass
  • Vienna Instruments - Trumpets
  • Vienna Instruments - Celesta
  • Vienna Instruments - Harp
  • Vienna Instruments - Appasionata Violins
  • Vienna Instruments - French Horns
  • Vienna Instruments - Trombones
  • Vienna Instruments - Clarinet
  • Vienna Instruments - Flute
  • VSL - French Horn Swells
  • EW Play - Symphonic Choirs
  • EW Play - Timpani
  • EW Play - Belltree
  • EW Play - Violins Sus
  • EW Play - Hollywood Brass (Low Staccato)
  • EW Play - French Horn Rips
  • EW Play - Xylophone
  • Stylus - The Beat Aesthetic 
  • Stylus - Action Drums
  • Stylus - RMX Grooves
  • Stylus - Groove Elements
  • Stylus - Epic Energy
  • Evolve - Heavyocity
  • G-Town - Church Anvils
  • FM8 - Emerging Intruder
  • Ozone Imager (Free)
  • Space Designer

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This music is subject to copyright. © 2018 Jon Brooks.
Thank you for checking out my work and for downloading my templates and music. For additional information about me, please visit my website: