Friday 8 March 2013

Musical Machines - Cutting It

This music features recorded & sampled machines/equipment from my dad's factory that I captured in 2001. I edited & programmed the audio and added a few other instruments to create the music. It then became the musical corporate identity for the factory. Captured audio files included guillotines, compressors, sheeters, hammers, fork lift trucks, shutter doors, slitters etc.

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G.B. Brooks & Company was founded in 1973 by Mr. G.B. Brooks who is now retired. The company is now run by Mr. Clive Brooks and his highly-skilled team, who pride themselves in offering a reliable, quality cutting service. The company has expanded organically and offers a wide range of services. It has a reputation for its flexibility, dependability and ability to meet customer requirements, especially when it comes to adhering to agreed timescales. Continuous investment in machinery and equipment has led to increased efficiency and quality of work. We strive to maximise the yield from your material, and aim to recycle as much waste as possible, being conscious of our environmental responsibilities.

Depending upon the nature of the material, supplied sheets are guillotined to accurate dimensions and tolerances, with minimal variation in sheet sizes. Material supplied in lapped or roll form is pre-sheeted and if necessary allowed to naturalise. Products may be plain or printed and are packed suitably or as requested. We often sheet rolls of material into a stack (eg. PVC, paper) and then guillotine a small amount from each of the edges to ensure that a consistent size is achieved. In addition to cutting flexible materials, our large format machines are often used to guillotine printed display board to the specified size.

Rolls of material are converted into sheets (to your specified length and width). For example, a roll of material may be sheeted to 1 metre lengths, and also cut in the width. We optimise the yield from your material by taking into account finished product dimensions, and the physical attributes of the supplied material (eg. elasticity, quality of winding). Unless requested otherwise, sheets are cut over-size and later guillotined.

Interleaving is the placing of a sheet of paper between two adjacent layers of material (usually plastics) to facilitate handling and to prevent sticking / blocking or scratching. In some cases, we would be unable to work with your material without interleaving it due to the tackiness of your product. We are able to provide paper for interleaving between the material you supply - this will usually be costed into your quotation.

Some materials are slit and rewound simultaneously, as it may be inappropriate to use the log cutting method. There are a number of reasons why slitting and rewinding is sometimes the most appropriate alternative. The most common causes are damaged or wrong size cores, the material is wound too tightly, the roll has an uneven shape, and the cutting blade will bounce, the material is prone to excessive friction or heat build-up (causing welding).

We use log cutting machines to cut through rolls of material whilst the roll remains in its fully-wound state. On occasions, we need to re-wind rolls onto a different size or type of core to that supplied to conform to the machines' specifications. If the core supplied is not capable of supporting the resulting coils, we may also need to rewind the material onto a stronger cardboard or polythene tube before it can be cut.

Re-reeling involves the winding of a roll of material from one tube to another. The new core / tube could be of different size and/or type (cardboard, plastic). Materials are usually re-reeled so that they can be used by another machine that accepts a particular core size.

We are able to punch shapes out of various materials, and cutters are custom made to suit each job. The material you supply can be in roll form for us to sheet, or you can provide it ready sheeted for punching.

Completed orders are packaged to meet your requirements, from individually wrapped to bulk packed on pallets. Depending on the product and dimensions of the finished goods, materials we commonly use as packaging include: Cardboard Boxes, Paper / Card, Adhesive tape, Cling Wrap / Shrink Wrap, Banding / Strapping, Banding Clips, Pallets, Wooden Battens, Corner Protectors. You can arrange for goods to be collected, or we can arrange for collection once the order has been completed. We have fork lift trucks to load and unload goods from vehicles.