Monday 30 March 2020

Jon Brooks Recording Studio on Google My Business

Jon Brooks Recording Studio on Google My Business:

Specialising in music production for film, TV, advertising and artists.
  • Logic Pro X templates
  • Music Mastering
  • Stock music library production
  • Vocal Recording
  • Music Mixing
  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • CD / DVD Duplication
  • Music Composition
  • Audio Production
  • Sound Engineering
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voice Over Recording

Coronavirus Lockdown - The effects on animals.

Lockdowns due to Coronavirus have kept millions of people in their homes — and social distancing measures meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus — have brought clear skies, quiet streets and tranquil shores. Watch the video: These are challenging times for humanity. But for many of Earth's other inhabitants, there's a silver lining. Many animals that have become habituated to humans especially for food are having a bad time. Would request people moving out incase of emergencies to carry some biscuits / food if possible for these animals and to leave water bowls at the gate. The lockdowns have however affected not just human beings but the animals on the streets too who find themselves hungry and destitute in these trying times.

The video feature's Jon Brooks' relaxing music 'Seventh Heaven'.

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Digital Sales Are Up!

Digital sales have been rising recently; probably due to more and more people being online and isolating themselves at home during this crazy Coronavirus pandemic.

Download Logic Pro X templates:

There are currently over 50 Logic Pro X template projects to download and I still have a ton more to prepare and upload to Sellfy. Thank you to everyone for your custom, it's much appreciated and I'm glad you are all learning and advancing with your music production skills.

My most popular downloadable Logic Pro X templates are 'Dark Highlands', 'Army of Doom' and 'Seventh Heaven'. The links to the templates are below...


Tuesday 24 March 2020

Download professional Logic Pro X templates.

Download professional, ready mixed and mastered Logic Pro X templates by film composer Jon Brooks. Styles include dramatic orchestral instrumental music, children's music, pop songs, audio idents, epic orchestra, world music, corporate music and music for advertising.

Monday 23 March 2020

Middle East Petroleum - Logic Pro X Template Project Download (Corporate...

Middle East Petroleum - Logic Pro X Project Template Download. Upbeat, punchy, atmospheric and positive corporate music. A fusion of western music with middle eastern influences featuring an Oud. Ideal for business, corporate videos, documentaries, travel and branding. Mainly instrumental music but has a few discreet background vocals (no lyrics). Instrumentation includes percussion, strings, synthesisers, beats, an Oud, guitars and orchestra. The track exhibits Arabic elements from UAE, Dubai and United Arab Emirates. A fusion of orchestral timbres, discreet vocals and synths. Uplifting, driving background music bed.

Music composed, arranged and produced in Logic Pro X.
Track Duration:  2:50
Key: A Minor
BPM: 135

LPX Template
Download Size:  52.3 MB
Uncompressed Size:  65.3 MB

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different.

Audio Channels:  19
MIDI Channels:  14
Stereo Main Out:  1

- Logic Pro X Stock Plugins
- Kontakt
- Massive
- AutoTune
- Kore Player
- Synthogy Ivory II
- Vienna Instruments

YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page:
CDBaby Artist Page:
Official Website:

Monday 16 March 2020

Release Anxiety, Panic and Fear with Relaxing Music

Help release anxiety, panic and fear and other mental, spiritual and physical health anxieties with this beautiful, calming and relaxing music.
Seventh Heaven:
Morning Meditation:
Relaxation and meditation music for mental health, yoga, stress, depression, addiction, recovery, wellbeing, sleep, panic attacks and spa background music.
Music by Jon Brooks
Logic Pro X Templates:
Facebook Page:
Sound Cloud:
#relaxingmusic #calmingmusic #meditationmusic

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Panic-stricken by the Coronavirus - Relaxing Music

Fear and panic has hit the world, the stock market, businesses and especially the elderly due to the Coronavirus. Listen to ‘Seventh Heaven’ relaxing music on SoundCloud by Jon Brooks to help calm and relax the mind during this difficult time.

Seventh Heaven:

Monday 9 March 2020

Buy and Sell Stock Photos, Royalty Free Images, Videos, Footage, Music and SFX on Dreamstime

I've been selling stock media for the last few years. I can't praise the lifestyle enough. I love the flexibility of working where and when I want as it provides a great source of passive income to make money online. I've been with Dreamstime for just over a year after a test period and have decided to upload my entire music catalogue since some other platforms are either closing down or selling fewer items.

Whether you plan to sell your own media or purchase items for your productions, check out the available content here: Dreamstime.

You can also see my stock music portfolio so far (I still have a lot of content to upload though):

Crimes of War - Logic Pro X Template Download (Pop Song)

Logic Pro X Project Template Download for Biased Opinion's pop song "Crimes of War". Crimes of War is the debut pop song from Biased Opinion inspired by the atrocities of events that took place at Auschwitz Concentration Camp during WW2. Ben Gerrard is featured on vocals and electric guitar. Music composed, arranged and produced in Logic Pro X.

Track Duration:  4:02

LPX Template
Download Size:  552.8 MB
Uncompressed size:  492.2 MB

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments and audio files are included but not the sample library content due to sample library licensing terms.

- Audio Channels:  25
- MIDI Channels:  20
- Bus Channels:  4
- Stereo Main Out:  1

- Logic Pro X Stock Plugins
- AutoTune
- Guitar Rig
- Stylus
- Toontrack Superior Drummer
- Kore Player
- Omnisphere
- Vienna Imperial Piano
- Synthogy Ivory II
- Vienna Suite
- Ozone Imager

Friday 6 March 2020

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