Saturday 22 May 2010

"Mr. Eskimo" - Dramatic Short Animation

"Mr. Eskimo" - This short animation was produced about 8 years ago.

Welcome to the world of Mr Eskimo! A cold and desolate place, where the wind blows, the snow falls and fish are always on the menu... But Mr. Eskimo is tired of his sea-food diet and wants to try something more appetising. Unfortunately for him he decides to mess with the local penguins, who are less than happy with his choice of cuisine. This all leads to horrific consequences!

Sam Grice: Animation
Jon Brooks: Music/Sound Design

I composed, orchestrated and programmed this music in Cubase (Version 5.0 i think). Wow! Those were the days!

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This animation, including its soundtrack, is subject to copyright and is provided for demonstration purposes only. © 2003 - Sam Grice/Jon Brooks

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Some of my musical influences include: Jerry Goldsmith, Gustav Mahler, Danny Elfman, R. Strauss, John Williams, James Newton-Howard, Wagner, Debussy, Patrick Doyle, Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams, Bill Conti, Sibelius, Elgar, Klaus Badelt, Michael Giacchino, Aerosmith, Elliot Goldenthal, Harry Gregson-Williams, James Horner, Def Leppard, Michael Kamen, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Christopher Young, Gabriel Yared, Bon Jovi, Debbie Wiseman, Shirley Walker, Brian Tyler, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore, The Beach Boys, Marc Shaiman, Wishbone Ash, Graeme Revell, John Powell, Mozart, Rachel Portman, Michael Nyman...... and many more!!!