Tuesday 22 February 2011

"The Prodigal Father" - Emotional Orchestra and Piano

The prodigal father finally returns! This music was composed, orchestrated and programmed in Logic Pro.   The music gradually builds to a climax.

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Tuesday 1 February 2011

Memories - Music by Jon Brooks

I composed, orchestrated and programmed this music in Logic Pro.

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This music is subject to copyright and is provided for demonstration purposes only. © 2005 Jon Brooks.

(As cited on Wikipedia)
In psychology, memory is the processes by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Encoding allows information that is from the outside world to reach our senses in the forms of chemical and physical stimuli. In this first stage we must change the information so that we may put the memory into the encoding process. Storage is the second memory stage or process. This entails that we maintain information over periods of time. Finally the third process is retrieval. This is the retrieval of information that we have stored. We must locate it and return it to our consciousness. Some retrieval attempts may be effortless due to the type of information.

From an information processing perspective there are three main stages in the formation and retrieval of memory:

- Encoding or registration (receiving, processing and combining of received information)
- Storage (creation of a permanent record of the encoded information)
- Retrieval, recall or recollection (calling back the stored information in response to some cue for use in a process or activity)