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Tibetan Singing Bowls: Serenity | TrackSonix Music (Jon Brooks)

Tibetan Singing Bowls: Serenity offers a therapeutic experience for meditation and yoga, relaxation and stress relief, therapy and healing for panic attacks, PTSD, for increased focus and as a sleep aid or background music. Music by TrackSonix (Jon Brooks). PURCHASE CD: Etsy Store (1 hour duration): STREAM MUSIC TRACK: Apple Music: Amazon Music: SoundCloud: Spotify: Coming soon! Deezer: Tidal: Meditation and Yoga: The calming and introspective nature of the composition makes it ideal for meditation sessions, yoga classes and mindfulness practices. The gentle tones help create a serene atmosphere, enabling practitioners to deepen their focus and relaxation. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Whether used at home, in spas, or wellness centers, this music composition provides a soothing backdrop for relaxation and stress relief. It can help individuals unwind after a long day, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace. Therapy and Healing: The resonant frequencies of Tibetan singing bowls are believed to have therapeutic effects on the mind and body. This composition can be incorporated into various healing modalities, such as sound therapy, Reiki, and massage therapy, to promote physical and emotional well-being. Sleep Aid: The gentle and hypnotic sounds of "Tibetan Singing Bowls Serenity" can aid in sleep induction and improve sleep quality. Playing the composition before bedtime can help create a tranquil sleep environment, allowing listeners to drift off into a restful slumber. Background Music: The serene and non-intrusive nature of the composition makes it suitable for use as background music in various settings, including spas, yoga studios, wellness retreats, and holistic healing centers. It can enhance the ambiance and promote a sense of relaxation for both patrons and practitioners alike. Overall, "Tibetan Singing Bowls Serenity" offers a versatile and therapeutic musical experience that can be enjoyed in a wide range of contexts, catering to individuals seeking relaxation, stress relief, spiritual growth, and holistic well-being. Download Logic Pro Templates: YouTube Logic Templates: YouTube Jon Brooks: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: SoundCloud: Website: Twitter: Key phrases associated with "Tibetan Singing Bowls" 1. Ancient healing instruments 2. Harmonic resonance therapy 3. Sacred sound vibrations 4. Meditation aids 5. Spiritual resonance tools 6. Chakra balancing bowls 7. Mindfulness soundscapes 8. Holistic wellness tools 9. Vibrational energy healing 10. Tranquil sonic ambiance 11. Tibetan meditation bowls 12. Sound bath instruments 13. Harmonizing frequencies 14. Zen meditation aids 15. Sacred ritual instruments #tibetansingingbowls #tibetanbowls #serenitymusic Thanks for listening and for reading if you got this far down! :-)

Tuesday 20 February 2024

(eBook) The Music Producer's Guide to Success: Unlocking Income Streams in the Digital Age by Jon Brooks

(eBook) The Music Producer's Guide to Success: Unlocking Income Streams in the Digital Age by Jon Brooks

This eBook is an essential guide for music producers, written by award winning industry veteran Jon Brooks. In an industry that can be relentless, frustrating, and challenging to navigate, this book serves as a beacon of wisdom for dedicated and passionate music producers determined to unlock the full potential of their craft. Contained within these pages is a resounding call to action, empowering producers with the knowledge, advice, and actionable solutions essential for overcoming the industry's inherent challenges of heartache, lost time, and discouragement. 

Uncover the keys to your financial success, embrace the challenges with newfound confidence, and elevate your music production journey to unprecedented heights. It's time to unlock the doors to prosperity in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Author Jon Brooks, a seasoned music producer who has weathered the rollercoaster of the industry, understands the overwhelming nature of the creative process. In the pursuit of artistic excellence, creators often find themselves ensnared in a web of complexities that extend far beyond the studio. The author candidly shares personal experiences, addressing the physical and emotional demands of the journey, coupled with the seemingly elusive financial gains that can leave even the most devoted questioning their path.

"The Music Producer's Guide to Success" transcends conventional guides by not only addressing the known challenges but also unveiling hidden dimensions of the industry. Jon Brooks empathetically recognizes the exploitation that creatives often endure.

The author doesn't just provide answers to the questions you're aware of; he introduces new perspectives, unraveling intricacies you didn't even know needed exploration. Consider this book your indispensable companion, offering essential pieces of the puzzle you never realized were missing in your journey toward success.

Transform your passion into a sustainable and rewarding career. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting, "The Music Producer's Guide to Success" is your roadmap to not only surviving but thriving in an industry that demands resilience, innovation, and a strategic approach.

FORMAT:  (eBook) PDF
WORD COUNT:  28,876
AUTHOR:  Jon Brooks
DELIVERY:  Instant Digital Download



 • Welcome
 • Why Have I Written This Book?
 • Brief Overview of The Evolving Music Industry
 • The Importance of Multiple Income Streams for Music Producers

Chapter 1:  Developing Your Craft
 • Continuous Learning And Skill Development
 • Staying Updated with Industry Trends and Technologies
 • The Role of Formal Education and Online Courses
 • Understanding Signal Flow

Chapter 2:  Building a Professional Portfolio
 • Creating A Professional Website
 • Showcasing Your Work and Maximizing Earnings on Social Media
 • IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Chapter 3:  Making Money with Your Recording Studio
 • Recording Sessions
 • Mixing and Mastering, Production and Engineering Services
 • Session Musicians and Vocalists
 • Recording Voice Overs
 • Music Production Courses and Workshops
 • Equipment Rental
 • Remote Mixing and Mastering Services
 • Podcast Recording and Editing
 • Live Session Recordings
 • Collaborate with Content Creators
 • Sell Royalty-Free Samples and Loops
 • Licensing and Sync Opportunities
 • Create a Subscription Model
 • Live Streaming

Chapter 4:  Passive Income, Active Income vs. Hybrid Income
 • Definitions and Examples
 • Characteristics
 • Pros and Cons
 • Considerations

Chapter 5:  Music Royalties and Selling Products
 • Exploring The Various Types Of Music Royalties
 • Decoding Music Royalties
 • Selling Products for Income Growth and Brand Expansion
 • eCommerce Stores for Music Producers

Chapter 6:  Freelancing and Service Offerings
 • Offering Custom Music Production Services
 • Negotiating a Budget
 • The Spotting Session
 • Freelancing on Platforms like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr
 • Ghost Production

Chapter 7:  Licensing and Sync Opportunities
 • Exploring Opportunities for Music Licensing
 • Evergreen Stock Music
 • Examining the Options: Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Music Libraries
 • Networking with Music Supervisors and Industry Professionals

Chapter 8:  Music for Advertising and Sonic Branding
 • Definition of Sonic Branding
 • How Music and Audio Add Value to a Brand

Chapter 9:  Music Distribution
 • Traditional vs. Digital Distribution
 • Key Components of Music Distribution
 • Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 10:  Teaching Music Production
 • Setting Up Lessons or Tutorials for Aspiring Producers
 • Leveraging Online Platforms Like Skillshare and Udemy
 • Balancing Teaching With Your Own Production Schedule

Chapter 11:  Working with Independent Labels
 • The Benefits of Collaborating with Indie Labels
 • Finding and Establishing Relationships with Independent Artists
 • Navigating Contracts and Agreements with Artists and Labels

Chapter 12:  Merchandising and Branding
 • Creating and Selling Branded Merchandise
 • How to Build a Recognizable Brand in the Music Industry

Chapter 13:  Diversifying Revenue Streams
 • Exploring Avenues of Income
 • Selling Music NFTs
 • Leveraging Patreon and Crowdfunding Platforms
 • Audio Fingerprinting and Digital Watermarking
 • Content ID Monetization

Chapter 14:  Copyright and Metadata
 • What is Music Copyright
 • Protecting Intellectual Property
 • Preventing Copyright Violations
 • Music Copyright Infringement
 • The Importance of Music Metadata
 • Music Metadata Codes and Numbers (EAN/UPC, ISNI, IPI/CAE, ISRC, ISWC)

Chapter 15:  Digital Rights Management and Content ID
 • Content ID Service Providers
 • Soundmouse Music Recognition
 • Tunesat Audio Recognition

Chapter 16:  Networking and Collaboration
 • The Significance of Networking in the Music Industry
 • Attending Local Events, Workshops, and Online Communities
 • Tips and Benefits of Collaborating with other Artists

Chapter 17:  Professionalism and Reputation
 • Building a Positive Reputation and Professional Image
 • Timely Communication and Reliability

Chapter 18:  The Psychology of a Music Producer
 • The Creative Nexus: Delving into a Producer's Mindset

 • Recap of Key Strategies for Financial Success
 • Encouragement for Continuous Learning and Adaptation

About Me
 • About Me
 • Jon Brooks Links
 • TrackSonix Links
 • Contact Information



FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY:  This product is licensed exclusively for personal use by the purchaser. It is intended for the sole use of the buyer. Unauthorized sharing, distribution, or reproduction of this product is strictly PROHIBITED and will be deemed a violation of intellectual property rights. Any unauthorized distribution or sharing of this digital product will result in legal action and potential penalties.

NO RESALE RIGHTS:  The purchaser is explicitly prohibited from reselling, redistributing, or offering this product for sale in any form. The purchase of this product grants the user access to its contents for personal use only and does not authorize the sale or distribution of the product in its original, modified, or derivative forms.

NON-REFUNDABLE:  All sales are final due to the digital nature of this product. Refunds or exchanges cannot be provided once the product has been downloaded or accessed. Please ensure that the product meets your needs before making a purchase. Your understanding is appreciated and I encourage you to contact me at any time.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  This product and its contents are protected by copyright and constitute the exclusive property of Jon Brooks. Unauthorized use, including reproduction, distribution, and transmission of any content without prior written permission from Jon Brooks, is strictly prohibited and will be subject to copyright infringement actions.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:  Jon Brooks shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product.

By purchasing and downloading this product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

© 2024 Jon Brooks - All rights reserved.

Thursday 1 February 2024

Green Noise CD for Sleep, Sound Therapy, Concentration, Tinnitus, Relaxation and Stress

Green Noise Audio CD (Duration: 1 hour). Green noise, also known as green sound, is a type of noise that emphasizes the mid-frequency range. It falls between the low-frequency rumble of brown noise and the high-frequency hiss of white noise. While not as commonly discussed or used as white noise, green noise has beneficial uses:

Sleep Aid: Similar to white noise, green noise can be used as a sleep aid. Its balanced frequency range provides a soothing background sound that helps mask disturbances and promotes relaxation for better sleep.

Sound Therapy: Green noise is sometimes used in sound therapy practices. It's believed to have a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system, making it a potential tool for relaxation and stress reduction.

Enhanced Concentration: Some individuals find that the balanced frequencies of green noise can promote focus and concentration. It may be used in work or study environments to create a consistent auditory environment that minimises distractions.

Tinnitus Management: Like white noise and brown noise, green noise can be employed as a tool to manage tinnitus by masking the ringing or buzzing sounds associated with the condition. Individuals with tinnitus might find relief from the neutral and consistent nature of green noise.

Mood Enhancement: Green noise is sometimes used for its potential mood-enhancing qualities. The balanced frequencies may create a pleasant and calming atmosphere, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction: The gentle and balanced sound of green noise can be utilised in relaxation practices and stress reduction techniques, to help create a calming environment, aiding the relaxation process.

It's essential to note that while green noise has potential benefits, individual preferences vary, and the effectiveness of any particular type of noise can depend on personal preferences and specific circumstances. Some people may find green noise more pleasant or effective for certain purposes, while others may prefer different types of noise, such as white noise or nature sounds.

Thanks for checking out my store. Please feel free to have a look at my other products, thank you.

Best wishes,

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Relaxing Rain CD: Sounds of Nature - For Sleep, Background Noise, Stress and Anxiety (Jon Brooks)

"Relaxing Rain: Sounds of Nature" the ultimate audio experience designed to transport you to a realm of tranquility and serenity. Immerse yourself in the gentle, rhythmic patter of raindrops, carefully curated to create a soothing ambience for sleep, relaxation and background noise.

BUY on Etsy:

Audio CD Duration: 74 minutes

(Please Note: Rain CD is loopable and has a fade at the start and end so the transition is slow and calm).

🌧️ Nature's Lullaby: Let the calming sounds of rainfall wash away the stresses of the day. "Relaxing Rain" captures the essence of a gentle rain shower building to heavier rainfall, providing a natural and harmonious backdrop for your journey to a restful night's sleep.

πŸŒ™ Sleep Aid Perfection: Whether you're struggling to unwind after a hectic day or looking to enhance your sleep routine, this audio CD is your ticket to a peaceful night's rest. The rhythmic cadence of raindrops creates a hypnotic atmosphere, gently guiding your mind into a state of calm, promoting deep and restorative sleep.

🎧 High-Quality Audio: Immerse yourself in the highest quality soundscape meticulously recorded to bring you the authentic and immersive experience of a rain shower. Our state-of-the-art audio production techniques ensure that every raindrop is captured with crystal clarity, allowing you to escape into the peaceful embrace of nature.

🌿 Versatile Background Ambiance: Beyond its sleep-inducing benefits, "Relaxing Rain" is a versatile companion for various activities. Use it as a calming background noise during meditation, reading, work, or simply when you need a moment of tranquility amidst a bustling day.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Relaxation: Give the gift of serenity to your loved ones. An ideal present for those seeking a natural, non-intrusive way to unwind and relax. It's a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion where the gift of tranquility is appreciated.

🌍 Environmentally Conscious Production: Our commitment to the environment extends to the production of "Relaxing Rain". It's packed in a plastic sleeve and CD mailer, not a jewel case. Helping to reduce plastic and aligning with our dedication to preserving the beauty of nature.

Escape the chaos of daily life and embrace the serenity of rainfall with "Relaxing Rain: Sounds of Nature." Transform your environment, renew your spirit, and embark on a journey to restful rejuvenation. Let the calming raindrops guide you into a world of peace and relaxation.

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Behind Bars - Logic Pro Template - Jon Brooks Music

Logic Pro template for 'Behind Bars' by Jon Brooks. Download the full project session on Sellfy here: ✅ Instant Download ✅ Logic Pro X Template (Full Project) ✅ Full Mix Included (MP3 and WAV) 🎁 Bonus gift included in the download folder

'Behind Bars' is a fast-paced and edgy television cinematic track that is carried with a chaotic combination of piano, strings and percussion full of suspense and energetic movement. This tense powerful music is perfect for an impactful logo, gritty moment of a thriller, action movie or ident with a strong build right from the start. It evokes images of strength, determination, power and authority. Ideal for edge of your seat detective series, crime drama, investigative psychological TV shows (or cinema) and other highly charged and intense scenarios. Imagine a high-octane and dynamic theme tune for a police or cop series. SPECIFICATIONS: Compatibility: Logic Pro 10.4.8 (or later) Download Size:  40 MB Uncompressed:  52.3 MB Audio Channels: 8 MIDI Channels: 12 Key: C Minor BPM: 122 Track Duration:
0:15 PLUGINS: Logic Pro Stock Plugins Ivory Superior Drummer Vienna Instruments INSTRUMENTATION: Percussion Metal Whoosh Synthesizer Electric Guitar Piano Drum Kit Violins Violas NOTE: Some plugins or patches may need to be changed to ones that you have if you don't have some of them. Playback will be slightly different otherwise. Download Logic Pro Template: Please also check out my other available Logic Pro X templates, thanks!   LINKS YouTube Logic Pro X Templates: YouTube Jon Brooks: Facebook: SoundCloud: Website: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Logic Pro X Templates:  #logicprotemplates #logicproxtemplates #logicprox © Jon Brooks

Monday 27 November 2023

Download Sheet Music "Christmas Under the Sea" Kids Christmas Song by Kiddie Boom Box

A lot of music teachers have been requesting the sheet music / notation for our children's Christmas song 'Christmas Under the Sea' so they can perform it with their students in Christmas concerts at schools, concert halls, Christmas light switch-ons, community halls and various other venues. It had it's world premiere live performance in Manchester, UK by Broadheath Primary School Choir. The sheet music is now available for everyone to download and perform! The original full mix and karaoke version is included in the download for performances. Please Note: The piano reduction notation (chord chart) is for rehearsals (and/or performance if you prefer). The original animated music video for 'Christmas Under the Sea' by Kiddie Boom Box can be watched on YouTube here: DOWNLOAD SIZE: 15.4 MB DOWNLOAD INCLUDES: 1. Sheet Music (Chord Chart) Printable PDF - 6 Pages 2. Lyrics (Printable PDF) - 1 Page 3. Full Mix (MP3) 4. Backing Track (MP3) Karaoke Version Tempo:  90 BPM Track Duration:  2:28 Key:  C major Artist: Kiddie Boom Box Music and Lyrics: Jessica Buxton and Jon Brooks Any questions? Please get in touch... and please do let us know if you are performing the song. If you manage to record it... we'd love to hear it! LYRICS It's Christmas under the sea It's Christmas for you and me And it's snowing while we're rowing Under of the sea The starfish jingle their bells And oysters clatter their shells Lots of presents; EIGHTY THREE! Under the sea I'm surfin' on a stingray I'm dancin' with a shark I saw a walrus pass me by As I ate a pumpkin pie I'm splashing with a snowman I'm playing with the elves I swam around with a school of fish And gave a whale a kiss It's Christmas under the sea It's Christmas for you and me And it's snowing while we're rowing Under of the sea The starfish jingle their bells And oysters clatter their shells Lots of presents; EIGHTY THREE! Under the sea I'm surfin' on a stingray I'm dancin' with a shark I saw a walrus pass me by As I ate a pumpkin pie I'm splashing with a snowman I'm playing with the elves I swam around with a school of fish And gave a whale a kiss It's Christmas under the sea It's Christmas for you and me Come and play on the sleigh We'll have fun all the way La laaaa la la la laaa La laaaa la la la laaa La la la la La la laaa La la la laaaa It's Christmas under the sea It's Christmas for you and me And it's snowing while we're rowing Under of the sea Released on 03/12/2021. © All rights reserved (Jessica Buxton / Jon Brooks)

#christmassongs #kidschristmassong #christmas Children's Christmas Song Kids Christmas Songs Christmas Sheet Music Sheet Music Christmas Top Christmas Songs Christmas Carols Christmas Song for Kids Christmas Songs for Children Favourite Christmas Songs

Thursday 2 November 2023

Logic Pro Templates:

Logic Pro X Templates has a new look! Our updated e-commerce store has been revitalised with new artwork for each product. Don't miss out, there is -20% off Storewide!
Download link: There are various styles and genres of Logic Pro templates and projects to instantly download and choose from. Ranging from pop songs to kids music and world music to jingles, corporate music and complete feature film soundtracks. Our music production DAW templates are uploaded regularly so don't forget to save the site to your bookmarks and visit us again. Logic templates can help with mixing and mastering. Lots of Logic Pro tips and tricks are executed in the project sessions. They are educational and a lot can be learnt from the arrangements and orchestration techniques. Visit the Logic Pro X Templates Sellfy store: Learn how to produce music, write songs and compose tracks. Thanks for watching!
Best wishes, Jon

#logicpro #logicprox #logicprotemplates #logicproxtemplates #musicproduction

Thursday 26 October 2023

Download Logic Pro X Templates - Music Production

Instantly download professional templates to work with or analyse the techniques used by top music producers. From arranging and programming MIDI, to mixing and mastering, our templates cover a wide range of music styles, including film scores, children's music, jingles, orchestral music, pop songs, EDM, jazz music, classical music, world music and soundtracks. Whether you're a beginner or advanced user, our Logic Pro templates have something for everyone. Learn from the pros, speed up production and take your music to the next level.

Saturday 14 October 2023

Download the Complete TrackSonix Music Library Catalogue

TrackSonix Music Library - Complete Discography Download

Download Complete TrackSonix Music Library Collection

Full Digital Discography


✅  Instant Download

✅  High Quality Audio Files (.wav)

✅ Download Size: 6.9 GB (Uncompressed: 7.8 GB)

✅  340+ Music Tracks in Various Styles

✅ 11 Hours+ of Flim, TV, Advertising and Media Music

✅ Own for Lifetime

✅  For Personal Use Only

🎁 Bonus Gift Included in the Download Folder


If you would like to license any music tracks for your production, please contact Jon Brooks.

Some of TrackSonix's Music can be previewed on social media. Click the links below:

YouTube Channel



TrackSonix Biography

TrackSonix (aka Jon Brooks) is a professional music composer based in South Manchester, UK, specialising in music production for film, TV, corporate branding, animation series and advertising and also works with artists. He has been working professionally (locally and internationally) in audio/music production since 2002 and runs his own writing/recording studio.


Clients and Credits include: Walt Disney, The Masked Singer, NescafΓ©, Virgin Radio, Coca Cola, The National Lottery, Breitling, Xiaomi, Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Playstation, Adidas, T-Mobile, Nexon America, Kia, Airbnb, Jaclyn Victor (Malaysian Idol winner), Oxford University Press, Pepsi, X-Box, KFC, Malaysia Airlines, BenQ, Black Sheep Games, MINI, Sony Music, BMW, Yakult, Panasonic, Baseus, Strepsils, Mead Johnson and Toyota…

Discography Track Listing
  1. 60s Accompaniment
  2. A Hero Returns
  3. A Mothers Love
  4. A Mystery Unfolds
  5. A New Beginning
  6. A Piece of Cake
  7. A Positive Mind
  8. A Sad Story
  9. African Adventure
  10. African Elephant
  11. Aftermath
  12. Afternoon Tea
  13. Allelujah (Instrumental)
  14. Allelujah
  15. American Boy (60 secs)
  16. American Jackpot - Last Round
  17. American Jackpot - Standby
  18. American Jackpot - Tension Bed 1
  19. American Jackpot - Tension Bed 2
  20. American Jackpot - Theme Tune (Extended)
  21. American Jackpot - Closing Theme
  22. American Jackpot
  23. Let's Begin American Jackpot Music Sting (4s)
  24. American Jackpot Music Sting (6s)
  25. American Jackpot Music Sting (10s)
  26. American Jackpot - Opening Theme
  27. American Jackpot - We Have A Winner
  28. Answer Me This - Begin Play Sting
  29. Answer Me This - End of Round Bumper
  30. Army of Doom
  31. Asian Soul
  32. Asylum
  33. Attitude
  34. Awaken from a Dream
  35. Award Ceremony
  36. Babies First Step
  37. Backyard Buddies (Instrumental)
  38. Beach Boy
  39. Beatbox Bird
  40. BeatBox Brand
  41. Behind Bars
  42. Better Late Than Never
  43. Beyond (Alternate Version)
  44. Beyond
  45. Big Fat Elephant
  46. Big Little Kid
  47. Blockchain Music Logo
  48. Blood of the Dead
  49. Bloodthirsty Savage
  50. Blue Skies
  51. Brain Damage
  52. Brave Boy (Instrumental)
  53. Brave Boy
  54. Break Free 1
  55. Break Free 2 (Version 2)
  56. Break Free 3 (Version 3)
  57. Breaking News
  58. Breathing (Instrumental)
  59. Breathing
  60. Broken (Instrumental)
  61. Broken
  62. Butterfly Mission
  63. Calm Before the Storm
  64. Captive
  65. Cheeky Monkey
  66. China Town
  67. Chinese Chops
  68. Chinese Gold Coins
  69. Chinese Reunion (Instrumental)
  70. Chinese Reunion
  71. Chinese Tiger
  72. Christmas Fairy
  73. Christmas Nativity
  74. Cinematic Action Ident
  75. Colours
  76. Come On Lets Go
  77. Computer Device Login
  78. Corporate Identity
  79. Corporate Music Bed
  80. Corporate Technology
  81. Cosmic Butterflies
  82. Cosmic Dust
  83. Crimes of War (Instrumental)
  84. Crimes of War
  85. Cybernetic Organism
  86. Dance Floor D'Amore
  87. Dance of the Reed Flutes
  88. Dance with Me
  89. Dancing With Life (Instrumental)
  90. Dancing With Life
  91. Dark Highlands Closing Titles
  92. Dark Highlands Opening Titles
  93. Darling Please Come Home (Instrumental)
  94. Darling Please Come Home
  95. De De De De De Doo Doooo
  96. Dear Life (Instrumental)
  97. Dear Life
  98. Deeper Dreams
  99. Deeper Realms
  100. Deliver (Instrumental)
  101. Deliver
  102. Destiny
  103. Discovery
  104. Don't Close Your Eyes
  105. Down on the Ranch
  106. Dreaming of Home
  107. Drowning
  108. East West
  109. Easy Peasy
  110. Echo (Alternate Version)
  111. Echo (Instrumental)
  112. Echo
  113. Economic Crisis
  114. Egg Fried Rice
  115. Emotional Truth
  116. Empty
  117. Endeavour
  118. Endless Possibilities
  119. Eventuality
  120. Everything (Instrumental)
  121. Everything
  122. Evil Darkness
  123. Fall (Instrumental)
  124. Fall
  125. Fidget Bottom
  126. Fone Me
  127. Forgive Me
  128. Formulating the Plan
  129. Fortitude
  130. Freedom
  131. Fresh Air
  132. Friends
  133. Fright Night
  134. Frisky Kids
  135. Funky CPR
  136. Game Show Electro Pop Music Bed
  137. Game Show Electro Pop Music Sting (6s)
  138. Game Show Electro Pop Music Sting (10s)
  139. Game Show Electro Pop Music Sting (20s)
  140. Game Show Lights Down
  141. Game Show Synth Pop Music Bed
  142. Game Show Tension Bed
  143. Ghost (Instrumental)
  144. Ghost
  145. Ghostly War (Instrumental)
  146. Ghostly War
  147. Give it Some
  148. Good Day Sir
  149. Goodnight Bollywood
  150. Google It!
  151. Grand Tour
  152. Growing Up
  153. Happy Days
  154. Happy People
  155. Happy To See You
  156. Harajuku Girls (Instrumental)
  157. Harajuku Girls
  158. Hard Rock
  159. Haunted Halloween
  160. Heart of the Unicorn (Instrumental)
  161. Heart of Unicorn
  162. Heart to Fight (Instrumental)
  163. Heart to Fight
  164. Helping Hand
  165. Here I Am (Instrumental)
  166. Here I Am
  167. Hero Saves the Day
  168. Hide and Seek
  169. Hiding Place
  170. Highlands Arrival
  171. Hip Hop Fairytales (Instrumental)
  172. Hip Hop Fairytales
  173. Hollywood Movie Ident
  174. Horizon
  175. Horn Sound
  176. Human Flesh
  177. Hunky Funky
  178. Hunted
  179. I Love You
  180. Ice Palace
  181. Identity
  182. Indian Adventure
  183. Indian Delight
  184. Indian Mystery
  185. Inspiring Achievement
  186. Intense Cinematic Trailer Music
  187. Invisible (Instrumental)
  188. Invisible
  189. Isolated
  190. Jana Gana Mana National Anthem India (Instrumental)
  191. Jazzical (60s)
  192. Jewish Jig (Piano Version)
  193. Jewish Jig
  194. Just Another Love Song (Instrumental)
  195. Just Another Love Song
  196. Just Plump
  197. Krazy Kids
  198. Ladykiller
  199. Laurel and Hardy
  200. Lemonade
  201. Let’s Talk
  202. Locked Out
  203. Looming Evil
  204. Lost (Instrumental)
  205. Lost
  206. Love Story (Instrumental)
  207. Love Story
  208. Lurking in Trees
  209. Magical Garden
  210. Make a Run for It
  211. Malaysian Adventures (Alternate Edit)
  212. Malaysian Adventures
  213. Memories
  214. Metamorphosis
  215. Meteor Shower
  216. Middle East Petroleum
  217. Mischievous Monkey
  218. Momentum
  219. Morning Meditation
  220. Mountain (Club Mix)
  221. Mountain (Instrumental)
  222. Mountain (Netherland Mix)
  223. Mountain (Radio Mix)
  224. Mountain
  225. Moving In Your Shadow (Instrumental)
  226. Moving In Your Shadow
  227. Musical Machinery
  228. My Hero (Instrumental)
  229. My Hero
  230. Na Na Naa
  231. Natures Path
  232. Naughty Rascal
  233. Never Far Away
  234. New Day
  235. Nowhere to Run
  236. Obsession
  237. Ocean Odyssey
  238. Old Times
  239. On The Edge
  240. Once Upon A Time
  241. Pachelbel’s Dream
  242. Paradise Island
  243. Paranoid
  244. Party Time
  245. Peas in a Pod
  246. Pensive Piano
  247. Pensive Theory
  248. Perfect Performance
  249. Perfect Performance (Alternative Version)
  250. Phoenix Rising
  251. Picnic
  252. Pixie Party
  253. Playful Pastime
  254. Playtime
  255. Please Stay
  256. Positive Attitude (Edit 2)
  257. Positive Attitude (Edit 3)
  258. Positive Attitude (Edit 4)
  259. Positive Attitude (Edit 5)
  260. Positive Attitude (Edit 6)
  261. Positive Attitude
  262. Prankster
  263. Prayer for Peace
  264. Preparation
  265. Prodigal Father
  266. Psychopath's Playground
  267. Radiance (Piano only)
  268. Radiance
  269. Raindrops
  270. Reach for the Stars
  271. Relaxing Ambient Drone
  272. Relaxing Spa
  273. Relentless
  274. Rescue and Recovery
  275. Resolution
  276. Retribution
  277. Retro 8-Bit Video Game Music
  278. Reunited
  279. Ricochet
  280. Rio Carnival
  281. Rise Up (Instrumental)
  282. Rise Up
  283. Rockers
  284. Sensual Sensations
  285. Sentimental Romance
  286. Seventh Heaven
  287. Sexy Girl (Instrumental)
  288. Sexy Girl
  289. Should You Change Your Mind (Instrumental)
  290. Should You Change Your Mind
  291. Showdown (Instrumental)
  292. Showdown
  293. Silly Billy
  294. Silver Lining
  295. Sizzling Sausages
  296. Skipping
  297. Something Else Out There
  298. Sonata Moonlight
  299. Space Jungle
  300. Sphere
  301. Spill the Beans
  302. Stone Cold
  303. Strut Your Stuff
  304. Summer Breeze
  305. Sunrise
  306. Supernova
  307. Survival
  308. Tabla Action
  309. Take a Bow
  310. Thai Travel
  311. The Artist Paints
  312. The Chauffeur
  313. The Confrontation
  314. The Escape
  315. The First Night
  316. The Mission
  317. The Power of Dreams
  318. The Premiere
  319. The Story So Far
  320. There's No Other Way
  321. They’re All Gone
  322. Those Words (Instrumental)
  323. Those Words
  324. Thoughtful
  325. Time Out (Extended Edit)
  326. Time Out (Instrumental)
  327. Time Out
  328. Timeless
  329. Tomorrow’s Calling
  330. Tomorrow's World
  331. Tribal Hunt
  332. Uncle Bill
  333. Unwanted
  334. Up and About
  335. Victory
  336. Visit Me
  337. Voyage
  338. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  339. What's Going On?
  340. What's Out There?
  341. Whatever It Takes To Survive
  342. Who Cares
  343. Wrong Time, Wrong Space

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