Monday 21 April 2014

Tiger Beer 'Beast' TVC - Music Production

Below is a description and analysis of the compositional process I took in creating the music for this TV commercial.  Tiger Beer 'Beast' TVC - Music Composed and Produced by Jon Brooks. This was a demo and part of a presentation I prepared for an interview and position I took at WASP Studios, Malaysia. I worked on this advert in 2004. Wowsers! Ten years ago! Please see below for more info.

- Because there was no voice over, it was evident that the key to the soundtrack was to provide the correct emotional messages by accentuating the on-screen text and images for the audience.
- There's a lot of information for the audience to absorb.
- I felt the music should be rhythmically driven and embody a punchy and solid sound that compliments the pacing whilst securing continuity.
- Overall, my interpretation of the commercial was that Tiger Beer will fulfil your every need; giving you street-cred and success. All positive aspects of life.

- First of all, I imported the commercial into Cubase (Music Sequencing Package) to sync. the picture to a click track so I could establish an appropriate tempo. I settled on 155 BPM (beats per minute). This made numerous hit points accessible due to the high tempo.
- One of the main components of the score is the use of syncopation, which helps build up a sense of adventure and excitement.
- Another major feature of the music is the use of a memorable motif, of which reiterates throughout. The seven note motif is expressed on the pianoforte, constructed of staccato quavers. Following this motif, you can hear a tonal, yet percussive syncopated sound which goes through various permutations as the advertisement develops.
- The soundtrack has a punchy drive that constantly moves forward, stressing that "if you consume this beer"... "you will be fulfilled". Hard sell huh?
- When the beer cans are submerged in water, the timbre of the music shifts to reflect this, e.g. with filtering and EQ (equalisation) to the lower frequencies. The music then reverts back to being "in your face". To conclude, the text, visuals and pacing sum up all the positive aspects; the soundtrack compliments and reinforces this.


- Grand Piano
- Roland XV-5080 Ionizer
- Roland XV-5080 Millenium Strings
- Tam Tam
- Roland XV-5080 Power Trip
- Drum Kit
- Roland XV-5080 Sound Module Choir
- Drum Loops 155bpm (x 3)
- Roland XV-5080 Velo Techno 2
- SFX (Various sources)
- Korg SP Midi Controller

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Thursday 10 April 2014

Cosmic Butterflies - Something Else


"Cosmic Butterflies" - Something Else. Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks and Tony Brown (aka Wi777ard). Download the MP3 on iTunes here:

'Something Else' is an English electronic dance music production partnership consisting of Tony Brown (aka Wi777ard) and Film and TV composer Jon Brooks.

Music: Jon Brooks and Tony Brown
Video Produced by: Tony Brown
(© 2014 Something Else)

Additional credit goes to the following artists/organisations for the use of their productions:

- Juan Sillero - FREE Green Screen - Butterfly Motion HD.MP4
- GreenActionFootage - Butterfly Collection - Free Green Screen Footage.MP4
- GFX illam - Best Animated Butterflies
- Lucid TV - "Zoey Hoops" HD Fractal Exploration
- bib993 - Like in a dream -3D fractal trip.mp4
- N/A Brummbaer‬ - I found this algorithm and... 
- 2512loko - drops green screen (FHD)
- Christian Schladetsch‬ - Fractal 3d.mp4
- Orson Wang - Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever
- Trakout - Fractal Art.mp4

- BestofGreenScreen:
Energy Ball - Green Screen Effect
Rotating 3D Earth
Beautiful Flowers Rain
Background Video - Animated Cosmic Makes
Energy in a Glass Box - Green Screen Effect
Stonehenge - Stone Circle - Green Screen Effect

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Monday 7 April 2014

Peaches Geldof Dies aged 25: TV Presenter and Writer Found dead in her Home

Peaches Geldof, the second daughter of Bob Geldof (Musician), and the late Paula Yates, has died.  She left behind her husband and two sons.  Currently, it is not known what happened and Peaches death is being treated as "unexplained and sudden".

Peaches Geldof was 11 when her own mother passed away.

Peaches Geldof: Died aged 25
Police were called at 1:35pm (BST) on 7th April 2014 to an address near Wrotham after concerns were raised for the welfare of a woman.  Peaches was then pronounced dead by the South East Coast Ambulance Service.

Officers are now trying to establish the circumstances around her death.

Husband: Thomas Cohen
Two Sons: Astala, Phaedra

Peaches Geldof was born in 1989, as Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof, and embarked on a career in the media at the age of 15. She began writing a column for Elle magazine.

Leaving home at the age of 16, she contributed to the Telegraph and the Guardian, whilst being involved with the show OMG! with Peaches Geldof on ITV2.  She worked as a model and was recently present for Tesco's F&F clothing range launch in London.

RIP Peaches

Friday 4 April 2014

WSDI Radio awards 'Showdown' by Clive Farrington Song Of The Year - 2013

WSDI Radio awarded Clive Farrington's 'Showdown' BEST SONG of 2013

Yaaaaaay!  Clive and I were over the moon when Steve Benz (WSDI Radio) awarded Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann's single 'Showdown' 2013 Song Of The Year whilst celebrating The Blend's 3rd Anniversary.  Thank you Steve!!  <3

'Showdown' is track 10 on Clive Farrington's album 'Independence'.  'Independence' was written and produced by Jon Brooks and Clive Farrington. They released the album on their own record label: Tough Monkey Records (TMR).

SHOWDOWN - Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann (Tough Monkey Records)

Wednesday 2 April 2014

9/11 - 10th Anniversary Tribute - Twin Towers

This slideshow was created in tribute to the first responders, civilians, and military personel that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. It is dedicated to the families of all those effected by the terrorist attacks, including military families in the past and present. This was shown before the September 10th Spindletop Roller Girls bout in Beaumont, Texas to reflect and remember the events on and since 9/11. This is a tribute to the lives effected by this day in history.  Music tracks are "Independence" and "Army of Doom" (instrumentals) by Jon Brooks, and "If I Die Before You Wake" by Dustin Evans. All pictures were AP.

Video produced by: TTraider0350

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Muay Thai Live Demonstration Strength Video

Wow!  Just stumbled on this video.  Someone used my music, 'The Confrontation', during this live demonstration of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Muay Thai Strength.

Jean-Claude Van Damme - Muay Thai demonstration strength video (Live)
Music by Jon Brooks: "The Confrontation" Heroic Orchestral Music