Monday 20 June 2016

Cinematic, Dramatic and Epic Orchestral Music with Eastern and Asian Inf...

A dramatic, epic, dark and mysterious cinematic music track with western orchestral instrumentation combined with Eastern and Asian elements. It’s the perfect sonic bridge between Eastern and Western cultures fused into a grand soundscape. Featuring metallic sounds, layers of synthesizers, drums and percussion, brass and strings, it incorporates a huge build up to a powerful climax. With a haunting vocal hook and epic percussion that keeps the pace up, your heart will be racing. This thematic symphonic music projects a sense of scorching heat in the desert, exotic travel and packs a punch whilst steadily building to an immense and exciting crescendo. The soaring melody and pumping rhythm give the track real momentum combined with a sense of intrigue and wonder. Ideal uses include advertising, trailers, film, tv and any other media requiring dramatic impact.

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Artwork by: Amanda Bradbury

"Asian Soul"
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
PRO: PRS (Performing Rights Society) UK
CAE No. 506710479

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