Friday 20 May 2016

Whoosh Sound Effect Download - Woosh SFX

Whoosh Sound Effect Download - Woosh SFX

Cinematic and dramatic whoosh sound effect with a low deep rumble combined with a high sfx atmospheric shimmering flutter with reverberation. Perfect for a medium to fast paced transition, impact hit, video game, title, swoosh, trailer, swish or presentation.

Tags: whoosh, whoosh sound effect, woosh, cinematic, dramatic, impact, transition, transitions, whooshes, whooshing, airy, swipe, swish, sfx, sound fx, movement, game sound, game audio, movie, film, video, title, trailer, impact hit, hit, low, deep, reverb, fast, medium, quick, short, bass, implosion, logo, sweep, blast, epic, explosion, fire, intense, reveal, riser, sting, flying, fly, powerful, single, wind, pass, scrape, swell, shimmer, shimmering, rip, ripping, fly-by, fly by, dark, spin, metal, flutter.

Saturday 14 May 2016

Logic Pro X Download LPP Project Template - "Beyond" (Music Composer: Jon Brooks)

Logic Pro X Project LPP Files
Orchestral template for Jon Brooks' music score "Beyond".

Download Size: 2.52 GB. (Uncompressed size: 2.93 GB) Epic Orchestral Music - I composed, orchestrated and programmed this music in Logic Pro using high quality multi-samples... and a lot of editing! :-) Inspired by composers such as Two Steps From Hell, Steve Jablonsky, Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer.

Please note: It's likely that you'll have to replace some of the instruments/plugins for similar ones unless you have all of them yourself; so playback might be slightly different. However, all the EXS24 samples and sampler instruments etc. are included.


Here's a link to the epic and dramatic orchestral music "Beyond" by Jon Brooks on YouTube:
YouTube Channel:
For additional information or more music, please visit my website:

This music is subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only. © 2008 Jon Brooks.

Download the Logic Pro X LPP Project here: