Saturday 26 January 2013

Calming Music for Stress and Anxiety - "Seventh Heaven"

Seventh Heaven
Calming Music for Stress and Anxiety

Music by: Jon Brooks

Available as a digital download on

Add this calming new age music to your music collection and allow yourself some time to slow down; reduce stress and anxiety with this soothing, relaxing music.

"Seventh Heaven" is ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki Healing, Massage, Reflexology, and other relaxation techniques. It is highly effective at inducing sleep and can be used as a way to help your brain get into a meditative state. The slow tempo and musical structure encourages the heart rate and breathing to slow down. This calming music is even more effective if you can listen with headphones on. Use "Seventh Heaven" to help you combat negativity and a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms and sensations.

Whether you are suffering from crippling Generalized Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Panic Attacks, Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, PTSD, Agoraphobia or an Energy Disorder, you can take back control of your physical and emotional wellbeing; be kind to yourself. Give your sympathetic nervous system a break... your adrenal gland, hypothalamus and amygdala will thank you for it! This music was specifically composed and produced for empaths, highly sensitive people and those with a high emotional intelligence, to help find the inner strength to battle through difficult and traumatic situations.

Thousands of people have enjoyed and psychologically benefitted from "Seventh Heaven". Make sure you experience the whole music track. (It's a good idea to turn off your phone so you're not distracted). Sit down (or lie down), close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and concentrate on this beautiful music to clear your mind. Boost your mental health, be who you want to be, promote inner peace and heal your soul. Enjoy!

Track Duration: 4'42"
"Seventh Heaven" (Copyright 2012 Jon Brooks)

Seventh Heaven Testimonials

"I love it! Thank you so much. I was out of control earlier and on the edge of self-halming. I feel so much more calm. Thanks! xx :)"
"Thank you. I suffer from really bad panic attacks and this actually helped me today. Thank you."

"i have a big exam now. and my mom just don't get it. i'm tired stress and about to blew up, this song helps me relax :)"

"This just really helped me out a lot thank you so much i was about to have the "attack" and this just took my anxiety away much thanks given have a great holiday"

"this just helped me with some non-stop belching i've had for almost a year now?..every time i play this it stops but every time i stop playing it it comes back :-( but nevertheless at least i found a temporary way to briefly stop it thanks :-)"

"Helps me relax when i'm overwhelmed with school. Thank you very much."

"Beautifully done! This piece has really helped calm me down from stressful family today. Thank you."

"I recently got some nasty online hate and I have quite a bit of homework?? This seriously helped me to relax. Thank you. :)"

"This is great. i've an exam in two hours time and i'm very nervous. just playing this soothes me down a lot. thanks ((:"
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Saturday 12 January 2013

Animation Competition 2013 - Animator Opportunity

Dear Animators,

This is an exciting animation commission opportunity and competition for any animators that would like to produce the visuals for a fun, catchy song and humorous 2 minute music video.  If you know anyone that might be interested please share this with them.

There are very few limitations to the look and style of the animation; i believe in leaving some creative space for the animator to "do their thing". For example, this could end up being Hand Drawn, CG, 2D, 3D, Traditional, Flash, or Stop-Motion. It doesn't have to be complex either - as long as the visuals express the mood, lyrics, setting and characters of the song. You might draw on influences from Crazy Frog, The Duck Song, Wallace and Gromit, Pingu, Walt Disney, Tom and Jerry, Happy Feet or The Family Guy etc. Above all, this is supposed to be a fun project to work on and a nice way to experiment with creativity.

There are two main characters. (Separate audio tracks for each character are provided if you are able to lip sync.). Both characters are Penguins located in Antarctica. Fred is a small cheeky and cocky penguin whilst Uncle Bill is a big, old, perverted, smelly, scruffy, simple minded yet wealthy and extroverted penguin.  (The lyrics will also give you a feel for the characters, their expressions and the overall theme).  The main emphasis is on the difference in characters.  Uncle Bill has always called his nephew "Fred" - but that is NOT his name!  (Even though I have labeled him Fred in the downloadable files so things don't get too confusing).

No matter how many times the cheeky little Penguin tries to tell Uncle Bill that his name is not Fred - he is unable to get the message through to him!  Fred absolutely despises Uncle Bill and is agitated and frustrated by his Uncle's ignorance.  Fred's real name (if he needs one) could rhyme and be something like Ted, Red, Ned or Jed.  That's up to you!  You could class this as a humorous nonsense song - The music track revolves around Uncle Bill thinking his nephew is called Fred.

I am a professional British Music Composer, I have a BA (Hons) Music degree and an MA in Film and Television Composition (London). I have performed for the Queen of England and written music for hundreds of international television commercials, numerous animation series and orchestrated music for game consoles. Clients and credits include: Coca Cola, Kidsco, Walt Disney, KFC, Mars, Sony, XBox and Panasonic. I currently have 2653 Youtube subscribers and over 1,504,209 video views. Please have a look at my website and Youtube channel for more information about me.

This is an excellent opportunity for a skilled animator, or enthusiastic student, looking for experience whilst adding invaluable content to their demo reel.  I have contacts in the film, television and audio industry - this will be great exposure; you never know who might see our work.

The budget for this commission is small because it is self funded but the winner will receive full credit, exposure, use on their showreel and $80 (USD) or £50 (GBP) (or equivalent currency depending on the applicants country of residence and the exchange rate at the time of payment).

Submit animation on or before 1st April 2013. Please send a link to your submission via email. Please DO NOT send any large attachments. There are plenty of free sites that will host and store files for free (eg. Dropbox, Skydrive, YouSendIt etc.)

All animation visuals must be original material created by you and should not infringe on other publisher's content. The judging is based on originality and creativity in relation to the audio track and lyrics provided.

The winner will be notified and rewarded before the winning animation is uploaded on 8th April 2013 onto my Youtube Channel and shared on Facebook, Blogger, Twitter etc. with the synchronized music track.

You can have a look at some of my work on either my website or YouTube channel here:

If you are interested, please find the download link here for the music and lyrics:!213

I'm very excited about this project and the potential it has. Let your creativity thrive!
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and good luck with your submission!

Kind regards,


Sunday 6 January 2013

Epic Orchestral Music - Beyond (HD)

"Beyond" - Epic Orchestral Music - Higher Quality Version (HD).  I composed, orchestrated and programmed this orchestral epic music in Logic Pro using high quality multi-samples... and a lot of editing! :-)

Download on iTunes:
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Please comment, like, share and subscribe.  Thanks.
Youtube Channel:

This music is subject to copyright and is provided for demonstration purposes only. © 2009 Jon Brooks.

For additional information or more music, please visit my website:

Stills images by Paul Bica (Creative Commons license).

Born into a musical family, Jon started his training on the piano at the age of six, and then took up the French Horn two years later. Now, as a multi-instrumentalist, he plays mainly the Piano, French Horn and Trumpet.

In 1993, when he was twelve, Jon won first prize in a piano competition where he performed in Manchester on stage alongside Richard Clayderman. In 1996 he was awarded the 'Excellence through Achievement - Jonathan Donaghy and Emma McManus Memorial Trust Prize'. One year later, he took first prize, the Haydn Trophy, at Macclesfield Music Festival, performing Frank Bridge's 'Rosemary' on the piano.

Jon has performed at a variety of venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Barbican Hall, Bridgewater Hall, Kuala Lumpur's Twin Towers and at the Vatican, Rome. He also had the privilege of performing with Anita Sarawak, M. Nasir in Malaysia and for the Queen in London during her Jubilee Tour.

He began composing and orchestrating in his early teens, and almost immediately discovered that this was the career path he wanted to pursue. Jon continued his studies in Cambridge (Anglia Ruskin University), where he was elected student president of the music department. Relocating to Kingston University, London, he gained a Master's degree (with commendation) in Composition for Film and Television.

On completing his studies, Jon set up his own recording studio, working as a freelance composer in the UK before taking up a full-time position at Wasp Studios in Malaysia as an in-house composer/sound designer mainly composing and orchestrating for film, television, radio, TVC's, theatre, mobile devices and animation.

Jon composes in a great variety of different genres, from epic orchestral scores to dance music, from jazz to canto pop, from western classical to eastern and from children's music to experimental work. Though his creativity is versatile, his real forte leans towards dramatic orchestral film scores. His music is heavily influenced by a wide range of composers spanning from the 17th century to the present day.

As well as his excellent working knowledge of music/sound production on both Apple Mac and Windows, Jon also has in-depth and extensive knowledge of recording equipment, techniques, programming and associated technologies. He is equally well versed in composing/arranging for live instrumentalists - 'keeping it live' and in producing close renditions by utilising powerful software, precision editing and the highest quality audio samples. Jon frequently combines the two.

His research into the relationship between sound and emotions enables him to approach projects with sensitivity and awareness. The function of music and sound in all media is paramount to his work, from concept to realisation.

Jon's work has enabled him to travel abroad extensively, including Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Holland, France, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Belgium, Austria and Italy as well as coast-to-coast in the United States.