Tuesday 21 February 2017

WWF World Wildlife Fund - Aquaculture (Instrumental Music) - Jon Brooks Music Composer

Music by Jon Brooks - WWF Aquaculture (Instrumental Music).
Jon Brooks Logo Artwork by Amanda Bradbury.

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Aquaculture is an important industry. Unsustainable development of aquaculture causes a negative impact, especially towards the environment and the local community. Because of this, WWF has developed the Aquaculture Improvement Program (AIP) to help aquaculture farmers to improve their aquaculture practices; to be greener and more sustainable. World Wildlife Fund Corporate Video.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Vancouver LGBT pride parade 2016: Dogs of Pride

Vancouver Pet Photographer Jason Kenzie captures images and footage of people who brought their dogs to Vancouver Gay Pride Parade.

Featuring the music tracks 'Phoenix Rising', 'UAE National Day' by Jon Brooks and 'Ghost' by Jon Brooks & Ben Gerrard.