Friday, 4 April 2014

WSDI Radio awards 'Showdown' by Clive Farrington Song Of The Year - 2013

WSDI Radio awarded Clive Farrington's 'Showdown' BEST SONG of 2013

Yaaaaaay!  Clive and I were over the moon when Steve Benz (WSDI Radio) awarded Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann's single 'Showdown' 2013 Song Of The Year whilst celebrating The Blend's 3rd Anniversary.  Thank you Steve!!  <3

'Showdown' is track 10 on Clive Farrington's album 'Independence'.  'Independence' was written and produced by Jon Brooks and Clive Farrington. They released the album on their own record label: Tough Monkey Records (TMR).

SHOWDOWN - Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann (Tough Monkey Records)

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