Monday, 6 September 2021

Funny Bloopers, Outtakes and Blunders | Stockport Together Again (Joanne Staples and Jon Brooks) Ghostly War: Trinity of Songs inspired by Lockdown

We had far too much fun filming this! These are the outtakes whilst filming a promotional video for our 'Ghostly War: Trinity of Songs Inspired by Lockdown' submission to 'Stockport Together Again' at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. 25th September - 14th November 2021. YouTube channel: Facebook: Website: Twitter: SoundCloud: Joanne and Jon are exhibiting their trio of songs that they wrote during the pandemic lockdown: 'Ghostly War', 'Darling Please Come Home' (Christmas song), and 'Rise Up'. #outtakes #stockporttogetheragain #funnyouttakes Funny Outtakes Funny Blunders Funny Bloopers Funniest Outtakes Funniest Blunders Funniest Bloopers Funny Youtube outtakes Funny Youtube Blunders Funny Youtube Bloopers Funniest Youtube Outtakes Funniest Youtube Blunders Funniest Youtube Bloopers

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