Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cosmic Butterflies - Something Else


"Cosmic Butterflies" - Something Else. Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks and Tony Brown (aka Wi777ard). Download the MP3 on iTunes here:

'Something Else' is an English electronic dance music production partnership consisting of Tony Brown (aka Wi777ard) and Film and TV composer Jon Brooks.

Music: Jon Brooks and Tony Brown
Video Produced by: Tony Brown
(© 2014 Something Else)

Additional credit goes to the following artists/organisations for the use of their productions:

- Juan Sillero - FREE Green Screen - Butterfly Motion HD.MP4
- GreenActionFootage - Butterfly Collection - Free Green Screen Footage.MP4
- GFX illam - Best Animated Butterflies
- Lucid TV - "Zoey Hoops" HD Fractal Exploration
- bib993 - Like in a dream -3D fractal trip.mp4
- N/A Brummbaer‬ - I found this algorithm and... 
- 2512loko - drops green screen (FHD)
- Christian Schladetsch‬ - Fractal 3d.mp4
- Orson Wang - Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever
- Trakout - Fractal Art.mp4

- BestofGreenScreen:
Energy Ball - Green Screen Effect
Rotating 3D Earth
Beautiful Flowers Rain
Background Video - Animated Cosmic Makes
Energy in a Glass Box - Green Screen Effect
Stonehenge - Stone Circle - Green Screen Effect

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