Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Logic Pro X Orchestration Template | Drowning

Logic Pro X Orchestral Template Download on Sellfy: Download Logic Pro X template on WeMakeDanceMusic: "Drowning" by Jon Brooks. Sad, sombre and emotional music featuring strings, voices, harp and a little percussion. Lonely and isolated, slow and tender. Melancholy and moving dramatic orchestra with a subtle backing choir building to a resolution. Ideal for a funeral, depicting anguish, pain and death, relationship break ups and other emotive solemn occasions and scenes. Sentimental, moving and heartfelt with a longing, yearning and tragic undertone. Music composed, orchestrated and produced in Logic Pro X. Track Duration: 1:30 LPX Template Download Size: 16.1 MB Uncompressed size: 18.5 MB Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Sampler instruments and plugins are included but not the sample libraries. - MIDI Channels: 12 - Aux Channel: 1 - Stereo Main Out: 1 Soundbanks/Plugins: - Logic Pro X Channel EQ - Logic Pro X Compressor - Logic Pro X Sample Delay - Logic Pro X AdLimiter - Logic Pro X Space Designer - Logic Pro X Multipressor - EXS24 - Kontakt - Ivory II Piano - VSL Cello Pizz - VSL Double Bass Pizz - VSL Timpani - Symphony of Voices (Vocals) - London Orchestral Percussion (Tubular Bells) - Project Sam Symphobia (Sustained Strings) - Project SAM True Strike 1 (Percussion) - Distorted Reality 2 (Sonic Boom) - Project Sam True Strike YouTube: Facebook: SoundCloud: Website: Twitter: IMDB: #logicprox #logicpro #logicproxtemplates The music is subject to copyright and is provided for tutorial and demonstration purposes only. © Jon Brooks (2011). "Drowning" Logic Pro X Template Download:

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