Friday, 27 August 2021

eToro Copytrading - Copy Investor Portfolio (Jon Brooks)

Ok, so I know this isn't music related but thought I'd put this out there. I've been trading and investing in stocks, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on eToro since 2017. So far this year I'm up 81%. Last year I managed a 80% profit too. Check out my stats below and feel free to copy my trades if you're on the eToro platform.

Click here to see my profile and portfolio on eToro or search for 'Jon Brooks' on eToro, click 'copy' and designate the funds you'd like to copy my trades. I suggest a minimum of $500 and to copy all 'open trades'.

TIP: Holding medium to long term is suggested to maximise returns.

Below is snapshot of my current portfolio with some of the top performing trades in view.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio and happy trading. Let's makes some money!

Jon Brooks eToro Portfolio

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