Thursday, 23 April 2020

Press Release | Ghostly War - Joanne Staples

Sales Director and Film Composer couple write  Coronavirus song anthem during lockdown. 
(Manchester, United Kingdom)
22nd April 2020

Joanne Staples, Sales Director and mother of two has written and produced an uplifting, emotional and empowering song alongside her Film Composer partner, Jon Brooks, during the Coronavirus lockdown.
Together for 18 months, being on lockdown was the first opportunity they had experienced to be creative together due to busy schedules. Initially, the track started as a fun project to ward off watching TV but the concept quickly evolved into much more… a musical message of hope and reassurance for everyone during this difficult time. When they posted it on YouTube and Facebook, their aim was to inspire friends and family; but it is now growing in popularity, and gaining radio play in the USA for audiences around the world.

Ghostly War (Music Video):

For further information, please contact: Jon Brooks

Joanne Staples Bio:
Joanne Staples is a Sales Director and mother of two. The only singing she had done previously was at university and a little local theatre… Oh, and singing in the car to get her young children to sleep!
Jon Brooks Bio:
Jon Brooks is a music composer and specialises in music production for film, television, artists and advertising. His credits include: Walt Disney, Adobe, Coca Cola, Toyota, Cadbury… and now, Joanne Staples! 

Song Title:  Ghostly War
Purpose: To uplift, inspire and empower during the Covid-19 Coronavirus lockdown.
Music and Lyrics:  Jon Brooks and Joanne Staples.

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