Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Promise - When in Rome | Spotify Playlist (Clive Farrington)

When In Rome - Spotify Playlist

1. The Promise (When In Rome)
2. Showdown (Clive Farrington)
3. Heaven Knows (When In Rome)
4. Fall (Clive Farrington)
5. Should You Change Your Mind (Clive Farrington)
6. Mountain (Clive Farrington)
7. Just Another Love Song (Clive Farrington)
8. Invisible (Clive Farrington)
9. Breathing (Clive Farrington)
10. Deliver (Clive Farrington)
11. Heart of the Unicorn (Clive Farrington)
12. Brave Boy (Clive Farrington)

When In Rome Band Members
Clive Farrington, Andrew Mann, Michael Florale.

Clive Farrington - Independence Album
Jon Brooks, Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann.

When In Rome's 80s hit song 'The Promise' was featured in the end credits of the movie 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

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