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Dancing With Life - Adakini Ntuli (Pop Song)

'Dancing With Life' - Music and Lyrics by Jon Brooks and Adakini Ntuli (© 2015).

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Take That is an English pop group, formed in Manchester in 1990. The group currently consists of Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, and Mark Owen. The original line-up also featured Jason Orange and Robbie Williams. Take That were formed in 1990 by their manager Nigel Martin Smith in Manchester.

Take That Love Rat: Howard Donald's secret lover speaks out about their 10-year affair after gagging order is lifted. He tried to gag her over spilling details about their secret ten-year affair. But today, Take That's Howard Donald's secret lover Adakini Ntuli has opened up about their illicit relationship after a 'super-injunction' he was granted against her was lifted. And it was also revealed that Donald, 42, cheated on both mothers of his two children with Ntuli after they met in 2000.

In April, Donald obtained a gagging order preventing details of his relationship with the soul singer being made public.

But last month it was lifted by the Court of Appeal and although intimate details must remain private, the fact the affair took place can be reported. Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, Ntuli, who sings in a pub band, said she didn't want to betray Donald but then she found out he had another mistress. And she added that she believes his court action was to stop any more women coming forward. She said: 'His court action has exposed his infidelity rather than keep it secret. I would never have shared our secrets. He knows I'd never have betrayed him.' Ntuli said she met Donald in July 2000 at the nightclub in Manchester where he was DJ-ing, while he was living with Victoria Piddington, the mother of his ­daughter Grace, now 10.

Single mother Ntuli, who came to Britain from Zimbabwe with her mother and step-dad when she was eight, said: 'I was single and craved some excitement. 'I was singing in a soul band and writing songs. I wasn’t a star-struck young girl. I didn’t even know who he was at first but I found myself chatting to him after his set.' And she said although their relationship started off as an affair, she fell in love with him even though she knew he was in a relationship.

But she added that she didn't feel like his mistress and they regularly went out in public together and with his friends.

She said: 'Anyone who noticed us would have ­assumed we were an item, not an ­attached guy out with his mistress, 'We would be in hotel lobbies together. He never tried to hide me or smuggle me in. I felt like an actual girlfriend.'

But in July 2003, they stopped meeting up after Donald split from Piddington and began seeing former model Marie Christine Musswessels, who is the mother of his youngest daughter Lola, now five. Ntuli said she felt hurt and tried to move on but the affair was rekindled soon after before stopping again in November 2005 and starting again in 2008, but then again ended again after a few months. Ntuli said they briefly saw each other last year but then it emerged in March this year that he had been cheating on Marie with another mistress - and it was the last straw for Ntuli.

She said: 'I snapped. I was so angry. I thought I was the only one he was having an affair with. It felt I had been led on and manipulated. I was devastated.'

She then sent Donald an angry text that read, 'Why should I continue 2 suffer financially 4 the sake of loyalty when selling my story will sort my life out?', but admitted that she was in a bad place when she sent it and was terrified when Donald's lawyers contacted her about him seeking an injunction against her. She said: ' I couldn't' tell a soul what was happening, not even my mum. It made me ill and I was admitted to hospital with depression, anxiety and neuralgia. 'I now want to tell the whole story. I think it is wrong that celebrities are able to use the law to cover up their actions. 'I loved Howard once but he let me down so badly.'

'Dancing With Life' - Music and Lyrics by Jon Brooks and Adakini Ntuli (© 2015).

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