Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Blend - Steve Benz - WSDI Radio Ident

WSDI Radio 'The Blend' Ident - Steve Benz hosts 'The Blend', a unique talk show. His sofa conversational style makes every celebrity, musician and author feel like they have known each other for years.

WSDI Radio Website:
Music & Audio produced by Jon Brooks:

WSDI Radio is the brainchild of a long time radio and television entrepreneur.  This (weird) guy set out to break the rules, in an industry that has standardized itself on big-name hosts, minute reality celebrities and horrible 40 song playlists. But he knew he had to follow his dream to be heard or seen by people who have become bored by formulaic radio and mindless DJ's.  (Wow, we used a big word or two.) So he decided to go it alone, with waffle fries in hand. He decided to carry his vision forward and to form a small satellite station that featured talk that listeners could easily relate to and enjoy, while working or surfing the Web at home, at work or via smart phone.

WSDI radio continues to grow and is heard daily around the world.  From New Zealand to both Canadian coasts.  WSDI has expanded its worldwide lineup, offering the listeners even more reasons to come back for more. The station looks and helps undiscovered talent. All of our hosts are encouraged to produce their own material and say whatever they want, however they want. Irreverent. Entertaining. Cool with Music. That is the vision. And its the only way he doesn't really actually have to work.  Is "chair" dancing work?

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