Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shakirul Alam Pictures Ltd - Motion Ident

Shakirul Alam Pictures Ltd. is a film production company based in England, United Kingdom.

Logo designed by: Arnie Mallorca
Motion Graphics developed by: Richard Gladman
Music and Sound Design by: Jon Brooks

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Film Writer / Producer / Director, Shakirul Alam has set up this newly launched film production company with an aim to take cinema to an untouched area, developing original and unique concepts, breaking away from formulated styles. The strong ambition is to produce respectable and memorable films that can entertain, educate and inspire.
Born in 1986 and brought up in Newcastle, UK, ​Shakirul graduated from university with a bachelors degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry in 2008. Shakirul also acquired commended skills in screenwriting and film direction, then trained with Bollywood star, Anupam Kher in London and Mumbai at his academy, Actor Prepares in 2009.
With 'Shakirul Alam Pictures Ltd', Shakirul is planning for the upcoming future to set up a state of the art film studio in his home city, where most of the pre-production and post-production stages will take place for all of his films. As of now, Shakirul will be involved with all his own productions as Writer / Producer / Director.

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