Sunday, 30 December 2012

Duck Squadron - Epic Music

Duck Squadron: (Make sure your speakers are on so you can hear all the action!)  This aviation squadron is a classified unit comprising of combat ducks!  Some of the combat ducks land perfectly but others haven't got the same skill and experience. The squadron is led by Wing Commander 'Mr. Quack', formerly a member of the US Air Force.

This Duck Squadron articulates its core functions in its 2012 Posture Statement as Special Feathered Operations, Command, Quack and Control, Bird Recovery, Building Partnerships (ie. Mating) and Agile Combat Support.

I did the filming, editing, sound effects and music.  Thanks for watching!  Please comment, like, subscribe and share.  Thanks!

The video footage was captured in Bramhall Park, United Kingdom.

Music: "National Day" by Jon Brooks.
Sound Design: Jon Brooks
YouTube Channel:

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