Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Rahsia Hatiku (Secret Heart) - Shila Amzah, Russell Curtis and Atilia Haron

Secret Heart (Rahsia Hatiku). Vocals by Shila Amzah, Russell Curtis and Atilia Haron. Music Arranger: Jon Brooks. 5 Jingga is the title of a musical television teen drama series published by Double Vision on 8TV starting 12 August 2008, which follows the story of a cheerleader who split by power struggles, as well as a new student struggles to raise themselves in the new environment. Low Ngai Yuen drama starring Isma Hanum, Siti Saleha, Ainur Syakina, Jehan Miskin, Sasha Bashir, Mohammad Ezhan, Renaldo Scully and Hunny Madu as the eight main actors, assisted by some veteran actors including Elaine Daly and Tony Eusoff.

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