Monday, 9 February 2015

Ridsect "Newspaper" TVC Television Advertisement

Ridsect 'Newspaper' Television Commercial. Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks. Mosquitoes (Culex and Aedes)

Equiped with a dual nozzle spray cap that gives a wider coverage area for effective mosquitoes protection. Ridsect kills mosquitoes effectively.

Jon Brooks specialises in Music Production for Film, Television, Artists and Advertising.
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In the mid 1970s, Ridsect was one of the pioneer insecticides that developed into an aerosol spray can and widely used by residents living in the rural areas. When urbanization took place in Malaysia in the 80s, Ridsect aerosol spray migrated along with the rural residents to the urban centres. In the late 80s, Ridsect overtook the urban aerosol brands to become the market leader in aerosol insecticides. Today, Ridsect is still the dominant market leader in aerosol insecticides with nearly half of the market shares.

The success of Ridsect in the aerosol segment encouraged the brand to expand its equity to other segments like mosquito coils, mats and liquid vaporizers. By 2004, Ridsect became the leading total insecticide brand in Malaysia up till today. In 2011, Ridsect was acquired by S.C. Johnson & Son.