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New Straits Times - Berita Harian Newspaper

New Straits Times - Berita Harian - Music by: Jon Brooks (© 2007). Vocals: Derek Jhingoree 'Jingles'. Audio Mix: Walid Omar (WASP Studios).  (BH (renamed on 2 July 2012; formerly known as Berita Harian) came into being on 1 July 1957 as the first mainstream newspaper in Bahasa Malaysia. Ever since then, BH has become a true chronicler of history for the country.

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Its Sunday Edition is called BH Ahad (renamed on 1 July 2012; previously known as Berita Minggu) was launched on 10 July 1960. Throughout the years, BH has diversely moulded itself from a paper reflecting the traditional thoughts and aspirations to a vibrant medium where era of knowledge has become the primary resource of economic development.

Type: Daily Newspaper
Format: Tabloid
Publisher: The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd
Editor: Datuk Mior Kamarul Shahid
Founded: 1 July 1957
Language: Malay
Headquarters: Balai Berita 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Circulation: 157,490 (BH)
208,327 (BH Ahad)

The newspaper was printed in broadsheet format until 5 July 2008, when the newspaper chart a new era, with a new look and trendier compact version on 6 July 2008.

As the pioneering vernacular daily, BH continues to transform its readers by enriching their knowledge and stimulating their minds with the latest news presented in a thought-provoking way. Moreover, it has evolved from just an ordinary daily to go on board in the digital platform namely e-paper, tablet, mobile phones and online edition allowing the readers to read the news in a simple, fast and compact way.

To stay relevant and to keep up with the tastes and lifestyle of the present generation, a total modification was made on 1 July 2012. The transition includes changing the 'Ekonomi' section to 'Bisnes', the pullout ‘Ratu’ to ‘Famili’ and ‘Rona’ to ‘Kembara’. Changes were also made in layout, typography, pagination which is more attractive and easy to read as well as highlighting the fact number, info graphic and interesting information. The new BH is also providing larger size colour photographs.

To attract younger and present readers, few segments have been introduced such as ‘Jejak’, ‘Fokus’, ‘5 Soalan’ and ‘Meoww’ a page for cat lovers. ‘Inspirasi’ pullout on Saturday will feature famous artists as a columnist such as Aaron Aziz and Fasha Sandha while the Glamor pullout on Saturday features well known columnist Juwie.

On 1 July, the inaugural issue of Berita Harian, first romanised Malay morning newspaper was published. Initially, it reflected the contents of Straits Times and was priced at RM0.15 with only 8 staff operating the paper.

In April, Abdul Samad Ismail was appointed Editor.

On 10 July, Berita Minggu, first romanised Malay Sunday newspaper was launched.

On 1 Jan, Berita Harian introduced a new masthead.

Cartoonist Lat started contributing “Keluarga Si Mamat” cartoon series in Berita Minggu.

Abdul Wahab Zain was appointed Editor.

Two pages of Berita Harian were added to make it a total of 12 pages – the contents focused on trade and business, notes on photography, advice for students in exams, more pages on entertainment, foreign news & articles and general features.

On 1 July, Berita Harian price was increased to RM0.25.

Abdul Samad Said was appointed Editor.

Salim Kajai was appointed Editor.

On 29 Nov, Edisi Bandar Berita Harian was launched.

Berita Harian was revamped with new colour masthead, new sections and greater emphasis on entertainment features. Priced at RM0.35.

Berita Harian price was increased to RM0.45.
Adibah Amin was appointed Editor.

In February, Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar became Group Editor.

On 19 June, Berita Harian and Berita Minggu were incorporated under a subsidiary, Berita Harian Sdn Bhd.

On 20 Oct, Akhbar Dalam Darjah (ADD) was launched.

In April, Abdul Kadir Jasin became Group Editor.

On 8 April, Ahmad Nazri Abdullah became Group Editor.

On 8 Aug, Jaguh – a special 16-page tabloid pullout on Sports was introduced.

On 2 Dec, new format of Berita Harian with the tag line “Sumber Ilmu dan Maklumat Mutakhir” was launched.

On 8 Dec, new format of Berita Minggu was launched.

On 1 June, special daily supplements were added: Berita Pelajar, Berita Wanita, Berita Teknologi, Jaguh, Perspektif and Dunia.