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SHAPES "The Kangaroo and the Wombat"

"The Kangaroo and the Wombat" I composed the music for this animated series.  'Shapes' is a children's series of 39 x 7 minute episodes (Season 1), in which simple animal tales are brought to life using animated shapes. It feature's the writer of 'Backyardigans' and 'Little Einstein' and the voice talent of Joe Murray.

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Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Dubbing Mixer: Lee Williams
Audio Post: WASP Studios
Animation: Peach Blossom Media

This video and its soundtrack are subject to copyright and are provided for demonstration purposes only. (© 2009 Peach Blossom Media / WASP Studios / Jon Brooks).

The series' quirky animation, simple lines and bold colours appeal visually to children, while the light-hearted stories keep them entertained. Kids love animals, so these stories, filled with talking animals both cunning and foolish, will capture their hearts! At seven minutes each, these mini-episodes are bite-sized enough to engage their attention fully.

The music throughout the series plays a supportive role.  The style is generally fun and whimsical with hints of drama!

Famous fables from around the world are brought to life using characters created from different shapes! This pre-school TV series retells beloved children's stories from Aesop's Fables to Australian Aborigines folktales using colourful shapes that cleverly form animals like rabbits, cats and even fish!

Created by the multi-award-winning animation studio Peach Blossom Media, each episode of this charming series entertains and teaches pre-schoolers about universal values of love, respect, courage and kindness.

Each story is presented by the narrator, Badger, who also comes on at the end to draw a conclusion from the story he has just told.  Badger chooses fables from all over the world, both ancient and modern. Just because a fable originated in Ancient Greece or among the Aborigines in Australia, it doesn't mean that the lesson it teaches isn't relevant to kids everywhere.

The uniqueness of the series lies in its design concept. Badger has at his disposal thousands of different shapes of all colours and sizes. He uses them to form the various characters and locations needed to tell each fable.  Sometimes the shapes are unruly and don't do what they are supposed to. At other times one of them falls out of place or turns up late, thereby disrupting the story. Badger interacts with the shapes, creating plenty of funny moments for kids to enjoy!

Executive Producer: Sung Lin Gun / Karen Tang
Producer: Corinne Teng
Animation Director: Arnold Valencia
Production Manager: Ye Xiaoxiao
Production Coordinator: Ge HuaQing / Rosalina J.Obsenarea
Script Editor: Julie Middleton
Script Writer: Lorna Loretto
Art Director: Mathilda Tan

Design Team: Lee Woon Wee / Erin Toh
Storyboard Director: Karen Tang
Storyboard Artists: Ni Jiafei
Assistant Director: Ramil Sim
Animators: Chen Gang / Cao TingWei / Qian Wei / Sun Lin / Ling Xi / Zhu Hui Zhen / Li Jian Hong / Zhao Yifu / Muhamad Ridzwan Bin Abdullah
Editor: Rachel Phang

Voice Over Director: Petrina Kow
Voice Over Assistant: Lieu Mei Yun

Badger: Eric Liebman
Wombat: Paul Lucas
Little Kangaroo: Tabitha Gyde
Kangaroo Mother: Petrina Kow

Audio Post Production: WASP Studio Sdn Bhd
Composer: Jon Brooks
Dubbing Mixer: Lee Williams

Media Development Authority Singapore MDA
Video Post Production: Nine-V Post Pte Ltd.
Produced by: Peach Blosom Media

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