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MP3s to download on iTunes

iTunes Downloads:

Here's a link to the albums and singles available on iTunes:

(Clive Farrington) - Download

Clive Farrington Independence
Tough Monkey Records (TMR)
Track Listing:
1.  Deliver - View In iTunes
2.  Breathing - View In iTunes
3.  Invisible View In iTunes
4.  Just Another Love Song - View In iTunes
5.  Mountain - View In iTunes
6.  Should You Change Your Mind - View In iTunes
7.  Brave Boy - View In iTunes
8.  Fall - View In iTunes
9.  Heart of the Unicorn - View In iTunes
10. Showdown - View In iTunes

Independence - Clive Farrington: This album exhibits a fusion of styles; blending classical orchestral elements with a modern day electronic sound… as an addition to this, ‘Independence’ also boasts a hint of the 80’s too!  It’s already receiving extensive radio play and Tough Monkey Records (TMR) have just negotiated and licensed two of the tracks to GAP (Mexico) for use on their latest compilation CD. Some of the music tracks could be classed as a cross between the ‘Pet Shop Boys’, David Guetta, Scott Walker and Robert Miles. The songs are honest, suitably original and highly emotive.

Mountain: The Remixes
(Tough Monkey / Wi777ard) - Download

Mountain: The Remixes
Tough Monkey Records
1. Mountain: Tough Monkey Radio Mix - View In iTunes
2. Mountain: Tough Monkey Club Mix - View In iTunes
3. Mountain: Tony Brown Netherland Remix - View In iTunes
4. Invisible: (ft. Steve Benz and DJ 1Love) - View In iTunes

Stone Cold
(Tough Monkeys) - Download

Stone Cold - Tough Monkeys
Tough Monkey Records (TMR)
1. Stone Cold - View In iTunes
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