Friday, 7 February 2014

CDBaby Artist Page - Jon Brooks - Music Composer

CD Baby Downloads:

Here's a link to my CD Baby artist page:
You can find a selection of some of my music albums and singles to download here:

Army of Doom - Download
Epic Orchestral Battle Music - Original Soundtrack "Army Of Doom" Jon Brooks

Metamorphosis - Download
Dramatic Orchestral Instrumental Music composed and produced by Jon Brooks.

The Confrontation - Download
Heroic Dramatic Orchestral Music - The hero appears to confront his enemy! Whooraaah!!!! Perfect for using with movie trailers.

Raindrops - Download
Beautiful, slow and calming instrumental music. Use "Raindrops" for Healing, CFS, Anxiety, Yoga, Mindfulness, Reiki, Massage, Stress, Reflexology, Sleep Disorders and other relaxation techniques. Give your nervous system the break it requires.

Seventh Heaven - Download
Relaxing and Calming music to relieve Stress and Anxiety. Ideal for Panic Attacks, Meditation, Yoga and other relaxation techniques. It's also highly effective at inducing sleep. Use headphones for best results. Be kind to deserve it.

Deeper Dreams - Download
Relaxing, dreamy and hypnotic music with a fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments for a totally ambient chillout. 51 minutes.

Uncle Bill - Download
Quirky and catchy novelty song about two penguins. Ted is extremely frustrated by his Uncle Bill's ignorance!

Fumble Fumble - Download (The Miles Box)
The ballad of Gormless Gordon and Racy Stacy. This amusing and quirky drinking song features a really catchy tune that'll have you singing along in no time.

Prayer for Peace - Download
Sad and mournful instrumental music featuring solo piano with an orchestral accompaniment. This music is often requested for funerals and other solemn occasions.

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