Sunday, 2 September 2012

HUNTED - Short Film

This is a short film I worked on around 10 years ago, so please excuse some of the dated MIDI sounds and programming.  I had just graduated from university and was extremely grateful to Chris TJ Mcguire and Howard J Smith for the opportunity to work on such a great short short film.

This film, including its soundtrack, is subject to copyright and is provided for demonstration purposes only.  2003 © Chris T.J. McGuire, Howard J. Smith, Jon Brooks.

In Respect... Chris J. McGuire Snr. (1949 - 1992)
In Memory... Mark Speight (1965 - 2008)

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I composed and produced the music and sfx using Cubase (I'm a Logic Pro man now though!) For additional information or more music, please visit my website:

My YouTube channel:


Cullen: Mark Speight
Bobbi: Deborah Bouchard
Hunters: Giles Payne, Andy MacNab
Quad Hunter: Simon Wood

Steadicam Operators: Howard J. Smith, Chris T.J. McGuire

2nd Unit Camera Operator: Simon Livingstone
1st Assistant Camera: Ben Appleton
2nd Assistant Camera: Greg Smith
3rd Assistant Camera: Stammos Triantafyllos

Grip: Tim Thompson
Crane Assistant: Rich Bentley
Camera ATV Driver: Mark Pepper
Sound Recordist: Jim Butler

Making of Crew:
Cameraman: Chris Flint
Camera Assistant: Nick Helm

Mini-Cam Camera Assistant: Gregg Cheetham

Special Effects & Armourer: Scott MacIntyre

1st Assistant Director: Jon McCormack
2nd Assistant Director: Andy Kitching
Runners: Adele Hanily, Kerry Spillane, Nick Pasalimaniotis
On-Line Editor: Stephen Fisher

Music Composed by: Jon Brooks
Audio Mixing: Jon Brooks
Sound Design: Jim Butler, Jon Brooks

Catering: Anna McGuire, Karen McGuire, Jo Colbran
Car Mount Equipment kindly supplied by V.F.G.

Mini-Cam and D.A.T. supplied by Visual Impact North Ltd.
With thanks to Matt, Ian & Dave

Lighting supplied by Web Lighting Ltd.
With thanks to Kenny, Paul & Phil

Cameras and Specialised Equipment supplied by Grip-tech Ltd.
Camera Stabilisation Systems supplied by
Back Mounted Vests supplied by Daniel Sauve

Edit Facilities supplied by MediaFour Ltd.
With thanks to John, Rick, Jon & Terry

With thanks to Yamaha U.K.

Producer: Simon Wood
Screenwriters: Chris T.J. McGuire, Mark Pepper

Directed & Photographed by: Chris T.J. McGuire & Howard J. Smith

In Respect... Chris J. McGuire Snr. (1949 - 1992)
In Memory... Mark Speight (1965 - 2008)

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