Friday, 7 September 2012

Forever Friends - Playful, quirky, happy orchestral music.

Playful, quirky, fun and happy orchestral music i composed using Logic Pro.  It was commissioned for a Malaysian Danone Dumex Mamil Gold television commercial (Infant milk formula).

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This music is subject to copyright and is provided for demonstration purposes only.  © 2009 Jon Brooks.

In operation since 1958, Danone Dumex is part of Danone, a Fortune 500 company and one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world.  Danone is headquartered in Paris, France.

Danone Dumex manufactures infant and child nutritional products at its state-of-the-art Nilai plant, and these products are then distributed in Malaysia and Singapore with exports to other countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.