Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fears and Foes - First Look / Soundtrack

First look poster and sample of the soundtrack for an upcoming Hindi film, "Fears and Foes", under production by Anupam Kher Company.

This is the first feature film of projects in the pipeline being Written, Produced and Directed by Shakirul Alam, who is currently based in Newcastle, UK.  The co-writer, Liam Hutchinson is also based in Newcastle.

An Anupam Kher Company Production
- Music by Jon Brooks
- Production Design and Art Direction by Muneesh Sappel
- Sound Design/Mixing/Editing by Resul Pookutty
- Story and Screenplay by Shakirul Alam & Liam Hutchinson
- Co-Produced by Anupam Kher
- Written, Produced & Directed by Shakirul Alam

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