Sunday, 22 April 2012

'Shapes' is an animated TV series in which famous fables are brought to life using animal characters created from dozens of different shapes. The target age-range is four to six.

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(39 Episodes x 7 mins)

Featuring the writer of 'Backyardigans' and 'Little Einstein' and the voice talent of Joe Murray.  From the creators of the award winning animation series: Taoshu (Peach Blossom Media).

Each story is presented by the narrator, Badger, who also comes on at the end to draw a conclusion from the story he has just told.  Badger chooses fables from all over the world, both ancient and modern. Just because a fable originated in Ancient Greece or among the Aborigines in Australia, it doesn't mean that the lesson it teaches isn't relevant to kids everywhere.

The uniqueness of the series lies in its design concept. Badger has at his disposal thousands of different shapes of all colours and sizes. He uses them to form the various characters and locations needed to tell each fable.  Sometimes the shapes are unruly and don't do what they are supposed to. At other times one of them falls out of place or turns up late, thereby disrupting the story. Badger interacts with the shapes, creating plenty of funny moments for kids to enjoy!

Created by Karen Tang, Leslie Valdes and Julie Middleton for Peach Blossom Media in association with the Media Development Agency of Singapore.
(Text: Evergreen Entertainment)

Production House: Peach Blossom Media
Audio House: WASP Studios
Audio Mixer: Lee Williams
Music Composer: Jon Brooks

This video and its soundtrack are subject to copyright and are provided for demonstration purposes only. (© 2009 Peach Blossom Media/WASP Studios/Jon Brooks).