Friday, 18 January 2019

Metamorphosis - Logic Pro X Template Download - Jon Brooks - Dramatic Orchestral Instrumental

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Logic Pro X Template for 'Metamorphosis' by Jon Brooks. Cinematic, soaring and dramatic instrumental orchestral film music expressing a musical transformation. Adventurous, innocent, bold and inspiring. Orchestra builds up to a powerful climax drawing on influences from Danny Elfman, John Williams and Hans Zimmer. Ideal for film, television, corporate productions, modern dance productions and advertising.

Download: 50.8 MB
Uncompressed Size: 66.9 MB

Music Track Duration: 3:36
Music Producer: Jon Brooks

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Some audio files are included but not the sample libraries.

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Audio Channels: 9
MIDI Channels: 37
Bus Channels: 1

(Vienna Symphonic Library Standard Edition+, Vienna Symphonic Library Extended Edition+ and VSL Strings Pro)

Gran Cassa (Audio included in download)
Gong (Audio included in download)
Percussion Accent (Audio included in download)
Heartbeat (Audio included in download)
Cymbal Roll (Audio included in download)
Triangle Roll (Audio included in download)
Belltree (Audio included in download)
MIDI Audio (included in download)
Celeste (Vienna Instruments)
Flute Legato (Vienna Instruments)
Clarinet Legato (Vienna Instruments)
Strings Detached (Vienna Instruments)
Cello Legato (Vienna Instruments)
French Horns Legato (Vienna Instruments)
Violins Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Violins (Advanced Orchestra)
Violas Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Cellos Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Double Basses Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Cello Pizzicato Violins Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Double Bass Pizzicato Violins Sustained (VSL Strings Pro)
Violin Staccato (Vienna Instruments)
Cello Staccato (Vienna Instruments)
Minor Mmm (Symphony of Voices)
Major Mmm (Symphony of Voices)
Oooo (Symphony of Voices)
Sonic Boom (Distorted Reality)
Harp (VSL Strings Pro)
Tubular Bells (London Orchestral Percussion)
Violin Trills (VSL Strings Pro)
Viola Trillls (VSL Strings Pro)
Piano (Ivory)
Hip Hop Progressions
True Strike (Project SAM)
Timpani (VSL)
Servitude (Sculpture, LPX Factory Plugin)

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