Tuesday, 18 March 2014

MP3's to Download on 7Digital.com

7Digital (www.7digital.com) offer millions of songs.  Music that you purchase from them is securely stored in a cloud-based locker, meaning you can access it anywhere.

Clive Farrington's album 'Independence' is available on 7Digital here: http://www.7digital.com/artist/clive-farrington/release/independence

Buy a song (or the album) and you can then stream or download it instantly.  Because 7Digital store the music you buy in a cloud-based locker, you can access it anytime (wherever you are), simply by logging in on a computer or connected device.

'Independence' Track Listing:

1.   Deliver
2.   Breathing
3.   Invisible (ft. Steve Benz & DJ 1Love)
5.   Mountain
7.   Brave Boy
8.   Fall

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