Tuesday, 4 February 2014

'Stone Cold' (Single) - Tough Monkeys - Now available on iTunes.

Instrumental Music - 'Stone Cold'

"Stone Cold" an awesome instrumental music track by the Tough Monkeys is now available on iTunes.  It was composed, produced by Jon Brooks and Clive Farrington (Elektrik Gem).

Here's the link to download an .mp3 of 'Stone Cold' on iTunes.

Stone Cold - Tough Monkeys - (Single)
We are so excited about this instrumental music release!  Download it; you won't be sorry!  :-)

Jon Brooks specialises in Music Production for Film, Artists, Television and Advertising.  He is based in Manchester, United Kingdom and runs his own recording studio. He is also a partner / director at Tough Monkey Records (TMR).  Jon has written music for hundreds of television commercials, worked on numerous animated TV series and scored a few feature films.  His work is well known in the corporate world too.

Clive Farrington found fame with the band 'When In Rome'. They had a hit single in the 80's called 'The Promise'. Clive Farrington released his first solo album, 'Independence' last year and has since teamed up with DJ Edwin Alzate and formed 'Elektrik Gem'. They are based in Los Angeles and are an electronic-synth pop unit.

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