Friday, 22 June 2012

Satria Neo - Dramatic Orchestral Music - Proton

Proton Satria Neo "Desire" - Dramatic orchestral music composed and produced in Logic Pro for the Proton Satria Neo launch campaign.

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The Satria Neo was introduced in June 2006 as a replacement for the first generation Satria.

Director: Brad Hogarth
Music Composer: Jon Brooks
Sound Design: Paul Morrison

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This video and its soundtrack are subject to copyright and are provided for demonstration purposes only. © 2006 TBWA\TEQUILA, WASP Studios, Jon Brooks.

(As cited on Wikipedia)

The Proton Satria is a hatchback produced by Malaysian Proton in 1995 for the first generation and ended in 2005. The new Satria Replacement Model (SRM), known as Proton Satria Neo was launched on 16 June 2006. The name Satria which means knight in Sanskrit was chosen for Proton's 3-door hatchback to reflect the sportiness of the car.